I am becoming concerned that too many Americans (on all sides of the political spectrum) misunderstand what freedom really means.

Most Americans, probably a significant majority, vocalize a commitment to “freedom” without being willing to count the cost. In our culture today “freedom” has come to mean lack of restraint and has been completely de-coupled from personal accountability. Freedom must include both the power to succeed and the power to fail. Too many CEOs today want bonuses for company success, but deny any culpability for company failures.

The truth underlying the Medicare For All debate is that too many mouthing support for getting the government out of the process to the maximum degree possible, when faced with the reality that means assuming a degree of personal responsibility for one’s own healthcare (when the idea of accountability is introduced), are much less vocal...and when push comes to shove as in the “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” debate many are not prepared to “put their words into action.

The entire 2020 Democratic campaign for the presidential nomination seems to be built on the unasked question…”Are there enough Americans afraid of personal accountability for this country to abandon a quest for the restoration of personal liberty, freedom and accountability to turn to bigger and bigger government?

Asked another way, are there enough citizens left in America to reverse the long standing trend toward a more and more powerful and intrusive central government? Does America have the courage to shrink the federal government and accept personal responsibility for their own actions and decisions, or is the galloping approach of socialism inevitably going to be successful?

I’m afraid too many of us have become snowflakes, searching for our “safe spaces” and afraid to hear the truth...freedom means accepting personal responsibility for the choices we make.

To learn more about the underlying principles that made America the greatest (and most free) country in the history of the world, and what it will take to restore American greatness, go to Amazon.com and order the bestselling book “Is God A Conservative?”

Capt. Jim Kinney, USN retired, is a decorated Navy career officer who has extensive experience in Washington D.C. along with political experience on the Huckabee for President campaign. He can be reached at captain5772@gmail.com.

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