Throughout history, when ambitious men grab power and become “the establishment,” the effort to remove them is always dangerous and often deadly even resulting in wars and innocent death.

Dating back to Old Testament times and running right through today’s headlines, “draining the swamp” has been deadly serious business. There are few historical examples of success. The end of slavery in the British Empire is an example of honorable men overcoming the deeply rooted establishment to end the barbaric practice without violence.

When President George Washington voluntarily stepped aside from the White House, it was a nearly unprecedented act of honor which ultimately set the nation on a 250-year course for the peaceful transition of power from one man and/or party to another on the basis of the expressed will of the governed.

This continuous example of the willingness of powerful men to step aside and allow the next generation of leadership to assume power (with the lone exception of FDR) is part of what has made America unique and is truly a part of American exceptionalism.

Today’s bitter struggles in Washington D.C. pitting the Democratic Party, establishment Republicans, the mainstream media and embedded federal bureaucrats against a democratically-elected president are evidence that “draining the swamp” remains difficult and dangerous, is hurting the citizens of Mainstreet and is damaging the country globally.

Whatever you think of President Trump, the concerted efforts of the entrenched establishment to maintain their privileged positions of authority and their access to wealth and influence simply reinforces the feeling in “fly-over country” that the politicians and their minions care very little about the citizens of America. But it is obvious with each new headline that they care very deeply about their own comfort, their elite positions in the D.C. social structure and their power.

Sam Adams, architect of the original Boston Tea Party said 250 years ago, “When the country’s highest offices are held by vain and aspiring men, her experienced patriots will be needed to prevent her ruin.”

It is past time for Americans “Experienced patriots”...her veterans to rise up with one voice to prevent her ruin by vain and aspiring politicians.

Capt. Jim Kinney, USN retired, is a decorated Navy career officer who has extensive experience in Washington D.C. along with political experience on the Huckabee for President campaign. He can be reached at

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Pete Fuller

I think you mistook any swamp draining for a replacement of career officials that care about the rules with cronies and yes men willing to bend them to help enrich a corrupt man in office.

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