Dear Editor:

It pains me to say this, but we do  not have unbiased major news networks anymore. If you question this, how do you explain when President Trump, who accomplished everything he said he would do if elected, received constantly negative coverage from the press and then President Biden who said he would make sure we had a continuing great economy, completely take care of the pandemic and would men our differences, but does not deliver on anything and receives biased press who covers-up all his failures and flip-flops.

The present administration uses subpoenas lists to crush political enemies, who are anyone who opposes this administration's policies. If called before a committee, the committee ignores anyone's  1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments. (Loo them up.) It would be nice if the media covered this — but they don't.

I feel sorry for Psaki, the White House press secretary, because she has to continue to daily put lipstick on a pig.

Our country is being led by the most unqualified people in our history. Stupidity leads to socialism and that's where the leadership of the Democratic Party is leadings gus. Our democracy is rapidly fading. What's happening is scary.

What worries me is that President Biden's popularity is so low that the only thing he can do to get his numbers up is to get us into some cold war or worse. H will do nothing against China for personal reasons, so eh will probably try something against Russia's aggressive action against Ukraine. Put-on presently has 100,000 crops on its border and he knows Biden is weak because he previously took Crimea from Ukraine when he and President Obama were in the White House. And he wants to break NATO.

So don't be surprised if President Biden does something crazy to alter his poll numbers.

What the president needs to do is allow our economy to get back on track and stop these ridiculous mandates. 82% of the population and 90% of the elderly have receive their vaccines. We need, as a nation, to get our freedoms back and start living instead of being fearful of dying.


Charles Winfrey III


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Tony Bolden

I 100% agree. The liberal media hides all democratic failures and brings republicans failures to the forefront. Saying they’re left leaning or bias is being to kind. They are the democratic establishment and shill for them no matter the downfall to country and families.


First thing you need to learn to spell and the second thing is to read your letter again and put trump every where you have Bided and you will have the truth.


I would like to apologize about the spelling comment as i misspelled Biden.

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