Dear Editor: Last night, I spent my allotted four minutes before the Jackson County Commission expressing my concern for the possible installation of 5G cell towers within my subdivision, Shepard's Crossing.

For the record, the City of Jefferson city fathers have already approved and been paid for the use of the city's utility access at the Jefferson Walk subdivision behind the Kroger store on US 129. And the devices have already been installed. Go look at them.

There are almost as many 5G transmitters as there are electric transformers. There is a green box on the property line of most homes that will be beaming a largely untested, new style, high intensity radio wave into those homes. I wonder if the people know it.

Many scientists feel the 5G is a serious risk to human, animal and plant life. When the firemen at a Sacramento station became ill from the effects of the 5G tower installed on the roof of their station, the state legislature passed legislation to prohibit further installation on fire stations.

So why have 5G anyway? To be able to download our movies faster, to provide service to enable driverless cars and to stay ahead of the Chinese who will be using the technology to control their population.


Bill Curtis


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