Dear Editor:

Our government should stop letting our history be destroyed. Brings tears to my eyes. My mother passed down stories she was told about the War Between the States. She said the only good thing to come after the war was freeing slaves.

Tearing down our history is wrong. Telling me I can't fly the flag men, women and children died for is wrong. All the fighting and burning of businesses is the repeating wartime.

No one is better than anyone else. We are all God's children.

In elementary school in the early 1960s, I asked  my teacher why history books did not tell how the war between the states started. Her answer was because our history books came from up North.

People need to know the true meaning of the Rebel flag.

The following information came from Encyclopaedia Britannica:

1865: The Civil War, War Between the States, lasted for four years, April 12, 1861 until April 9, 1865. Eleven Southern states asserted their right to leave the Union. President Buchanan sent a message to Congress that denied the right of succession. A strong feeling in the North was growing in favor of "letting the erring sisters depart in peace."

But Lincoln's inaugural speech was really addressed to the slave states in the Union and to the Confederate States; it sounded like a declaration of war.

The total population of Southern States that seceded was less than one-half the population of Northern states that remained in the Union. Southern states set up an independent government named Confederate States of America. Eight states with slaves were in the Union when the Civil War started. The war started and was fought for Confederate States of America to secede from the Union. The South was fighting for independence.

Approximately four million troops took part in the war. Total casualties exceeded 617,000 dead (North: 359,000, South: 258,000) an 375,000 wounded (North: 275,000, South: 100,000.)

August 1862: Lincoln replied to an editorial in New York Tribune that, "My paramount objective in this struggle is to save the Union and is not either to save or destroy slavery..."

England and France tried to help the South with weapons and vessels built. The collapse of the Confederacy took Europe by surprise.

February 3, 1865: A peace conference held in Hampton Roads failed because (Confederate president) Davis still insisted on the recognition of Southern Independence.

About slavery: In Philadelphia 1787, Congress forbid the foreign slave trade after the expiration of 20 years. But the principal operation of change was simply to transfer Northern Slaves to Southern states.

December 1865: Eight months after the war ended, a Constitutional amendment was ratified abolishing and forever prohibiting slavery throughout the United States.


Melody Jordan


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