Dear Editor:

First of all I would like to say that I am white and proud of it, but I am not a resist. Some of my best friends are Black

I would like to comment about Rep. Tommy Benton talk about on the radio. I don’t know Tommy and have not supported him.

Having said that he is exactly right about John Lewis. John Lewis done one thing. He got beaten up on the bridge in Selma Ala.

He then rode that for 50 years in Congress. The only thing he was known for was his hatred of White people. He preached rasistem

But he was the biggest resist of them all.

I challenge you to find one bill that John Lewis got passed in Congress that helped Black people. You can’t because it never happen.

Before you make John Lewis the next coming of Moses you need to check the record. He did nothing to help his own people, but take a check.

People won’t tell the truth about him because they are scared people will call them resist.

I don’t hate John Lewis I feel sorry for him. If you lessen to him he could hardly speak English and when he did speak it was what his handlers Told him to say. This is the truth folks, you may not want to believe it, because you feel guilty for being White.


Wofford Herrin



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OMG, what is a resist? If you have to say you have black friends then you are a racist. Did you even go to school? Keep drinking that trump orange koolaid.

Jon Oblesen

Poor Wofford, somebody needs to teach him how to use spell check, among other things

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