Dear Editor:

I’d like the opportunity to respond to a reader asking, “When when (sic) will people get enough of Trump’s lies”.

First, I’m truly not concerned about a war of words between Trump and an MSNBC commentator who spews diatribe against Trump on a daily basis.

Second, to answer your question: “Is this the kind of person you want as President of the United States?”. Yes, and since you asked, here is why: He accomplishes things, not just throw word salad at problems or give a flowery speech and, most importantly, kick the problem down the road. He has:

· Pushed through the Criminal Reform Act redressing harsh and unjustified jail time imposed upon African Americans. (I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the previous admin. Had 8 yrs. To do this).

· Brought and is bringing manufacturing jobs back to the USA. Jobs that the previous administration said could never be brought back.

· Created numerous “Opportunity Zones” throughout the country, at the suggestion of Sen. Tim Scott, to help black and minority businesses.

· Created the lowest unemployment rate in U.S. history, especially for minorities.

· Moved the U.S. to a state of energy independence.

· Finally got legislation through that allows our Vets to go to a regular doctor so that they are not getting sicker waiting for a back logged VA appointment.

· Stopped use of chemical weapons by Assad against civilians by taking action and not just creating a meaningless, action less red line.

· Defeated the ISIS caliphate in less than a year and stopped the all too often beheadings, drownings and burning of people alive in cages. Some said it would take a decade.

· Stopped North Korea from testing nuclear weapons every other week.

· Removed from this world two of Iran’s top operatives responsible for killing and/or horribly maiming hundreds of our GIs via IEDs.

· Stopped the frequent caravans of thousands of illegal aliens from crossing our border on a regular basis.

· Was successful in securing the release of numerous US citizens languishing in foreign jails, another one just released today!).

The above partial list accomplishments have positively affected the lives of millions, and seems a little more significant than obsessing over a twitter war with an MSNBC antagonist.

Finally, let me address the statement about “Trump’s conspiracy theories”. Here’s the mother of all conspiracy theories: TRUMP COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS! Rod Rosenstein, past Deputy Attorney General, just testified that all claims Trump or anyone in his administration colluded with the Russians were found to be baseless. He testified that in light of recent revelations he would not have proceeded with the Muller investigation. This merit less investigation consumed three years of the nation’s focus and wasted millions of dollars. The perpetual and false allegations that Trump collided with Russia is the real bona fide conspiracy and not just a “theory”. To make matters worse, this conspiracy was perpetrated courtesy of: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Struck, Lisa Page. It was choreographed by Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, various members of the Obama administration and most unfortunately, the main stream media. Of course, coverage of Rosenstein’s testimony has been virtually ignored, so far, by our “fair and balanced” friends in the media.


Jim Siegendorf



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