Dear Editor:

I read Mike Buffington's opinion piece, “Politicians need to tamp down their rhetoric” and I would like to tender a couple of comments.

• I think it’s disingenuous to try to draw some sort of a parallel between George Wallace and Doug Collins. Wallace, a Democrat, never, to my knowledge, apologized for any of his racist words or actions. Collins apologized immediately and forcefully retracted his statement. In the rare instance I hear someone from the left apologize there’s always a big “BUT” attached, with so much emphasis on the “but” that it doesn’t seem much of an apology at all.

• I also think it’s fair to say Collins made his ill-thought out remarks out of frustration. Trump takes out a murderous Iran general and terrorist and the political left and media make Trump out to be the villain and the general a sympathetic figure. That makes me frustrated!

• Last, he made innuendo that Fox News is a right-wing network. What do you call CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC The New York Times, The Washington Post and others… balanced and fair minded journalists? I hope not.


Jim Siegendorf


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Jim Baird

As far as I know Mr. Collins' so-called apology was tweeted. He did not go back fox news and apologize to a national audience. Those sheep who allow Trump's official news organ Fox to convince them that professional media cannot be trusted are having their wool pulled over their eyes.

Pete Fuller

Funny enough, Collins was echoing something said by many Republicans during that time - including allusions to it by Trump himself. Collins also send out fundraising letters touting it, I'm betting these same recipients did not get a retraction.

Fox is a different animal from the rest, being lockstep with republican priorities and at this point abandoning even the pretense of being independent. Your other cable new orgs might have journalists with a personal liberal bend - but they're more like cats following the shiny thing. Believe me, as a Democrat I wish we had a news org that would stay on topic and push an agenda like Fox does. There is nothing like the morning to end talking points that get delivered on fox anywhere else in the tv news ecosystem.

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