Dear Editor:

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, better known as the CDC, has an increasingly greater control over our lives. None of the scientists or bureaucrats there have been elected by the people, but they wield power greater than that of Congress. They have indirectly but essentially mandated school closings, taken away the livelihood of millions of Americans by closing businesses, kept us from visiting our ┬Ěloved ones, required us to be prisoners in our own homes, and stopped evictions for people

who have stopped paying their rent for whatever reason, thereby throwing many landlords and investors into financial ruin. How much of these bureaucratic-type decisions are rooted in actual science is open to debate.

The extremism of the CDC can be demonstrated in a little known decision recently made by the CDC. Annually, approximately one million dogs are imported into the United States by individuals, rescue groups and others from countries all over the world. Some of these dogs have been rescued from the slaughterhouse dog meat trade in China, from the streets of Turkey and India, and are pets of American citizens, diplomats, and soldiers returning home. The American Kennel Club estimates that less than one-third of one percent of these dogs are for resale. These dogs all have been appropriately vaccinated and quarantined and meet the CDC's and Department of Agriculture's acceptance criteria. While records are scant (perhaps on purpose), apparently during the past five years, four, yes FOUR, dogs, out of those millions, tested positive for rabies. These four dogs had falsified documents. Now, because of this miniscule risk, the CDC has banned all dogs being imported from most countries around the world.

Congress is addressing this issue with a bill currently working its way through the legislative process. This bill is known as House of Representatives bill 4502. An amendment to that bill, known as Amendment 39, which has wide bipartisan support, provides three million dollars to help the CDC resolve issues with dogs imported into the United States.

There is something seriously wrong when bureaucrats can issue edicts with impunity that dramatically affects our lives, and Congress has to pass legislation to reign them in.


Wayne Whitelaw



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