Dear Editor: I am surprised at the acquiescence of Jefferson officials to the decision by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

I do realize there seems to be no other option open to the citizens of Jefferson. So my response to this is: In view of the rapidity undertaken to extend Hwy. 129 (I moved here in 1993 and was told this was going to be done fairly soon), and the added years undertaken to do this expansion, I would project this project will take 3-5 years to begin and several years to complete.

In the meantime, the Jefferson police force could be expanded to include a deputy officer or two whose only job would be to be at the intersection directing traffic at the times when the backlog of cars occur.

Perhaps we may not need the DOT whose dictatorial decisions are unsound and waste the taxpayers' money. So simple a solution of installing a traffic light versus years of construction, causing additional backlogs, demonstrates the power of the greed and non-use of instant, fixable, less costly, disruptive decisions.


Mary Berkowsky


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