Dear Editor:

I struggled with Scott Thompson's recent article, “Shrinking In A Defining Moment.” It seemed unbalanced and unnecessarily partisan.

We are in complete agreement that people need to be encouraged to follow “the path of common purpose” rather than a path of fragmentation and narrow self-interest.

However, part of that encouragement could easily be built upon a foundation of his first acknowledging that the majority of people have followed Fauci’s suggestions for months.

They have acted responsibly to restrict there own freedom of movement for several months.

They have sacrificed all expectations of meeting with friends and family to worship God in the comfort of church sanctuaries they helped to build.

The elderly, many of whom were already feeling the effects of isolation that frequently accompany old age, isolated themselves even more. They willingly placed themselves at a greater distance from family, friends, even grandchildren.

And everyone, of every age, struggled at times to buy masks, hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, and basic food items that were only available in limited quantities for months. They struggled with the financial hardships associated with COVID.

Rather than berate people for what he perceives to be a “lack of will to do whatever is necessary during a defining moment,” have the decency to acknowledge that a vast majority of people have already demonstrated the strength of will to dramatically change their daily routines.

Those “defining moments” have never ceased. Overwhelmingly, the parents of children who attend Jefferson City schools made the decision to send their children to school. For reasons that you may never understand or agree with, that was a clear, defining moment.

Churches are holding services outdoors and some have re-opened their sanctuaries with protective restrictions in place.

Many people have returned to work — another clear, defining moment for families that are struggling financially.

My impression, from reading his article, is that “whatever is necessary” is his personal, thinly-veiled way of saying that he expects people to agree with him and act accordingly.

He asked the question: “Why can we not get that buy-in from all Americans?”

Then he cleverly answered his own question: “Much of the answer to that question points toward President Trump and the unfettered adulation he receives from his hardcore base.”

Is he suggesting that all, or the majority, of the parents of children who attend Jefferson City schools are “hardcore” Republicans? Is he suggesting that the abiding love of these parents for their children was subordinate to political loyalties?

When he viewed the national broadcasts of people rioting in the streets of many of our major cities, did the hairs on the back of his neck curl because they were not wearing protective masks and they were gathering in large numbers? Doesn’t every life matter?

When he strayed from Jimmy Carter’s words, and inserted the politics of Kemp and Trump into his article, he demonstrated that he is unable to separate substantive issues from personalities.


Michael C. Miller


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