Dear Editor:

In the June 10, Jackson Herald, Mike Buffington said, "Protesting is good for the soul."

I kept waiting to hear him say, "Burning, looting, violence, destroying law enforcement cars, vandalism, flag burning and other lawless acts are not good for anything," but I failed to hear him say that.

I was disappointed.


Hugh Blackstock


(Buffington response: Thanks for writing, but you obviously missed my column of June 3 where I had this to say: "Whether the violence and looting came from real frustration and rage over the Floyd killing, or was just opportunistic behavior isn't clear. The scenes of looting and violence are clearly counterproductive to the protesters' cause of demanding accountability from law enforcement. It muddies the message by mingling images of looting and fires along with images of peaceful protesting. Many of those watching the scenes play out on television won't bother to parse the difference between the peaceful protesters and the looters — they will all be lumped together as "troublemakers.")


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