Dear Editor: We, Georgians, find ourselves in the unique situation of having to elect two US senators. This position has the entire country looking to us to save Democracy. But before Georgia can save America, we have to recognize some truths.

First, Joe Biden won the election. The Secretaries of State of all 50 states have stated that the election was conducted fairly and according to the law and the results are accurate. Yet, President Trump refuses to accept the results of this election. He tweets disinformation about voter fraud and fires civil servants because they are simply telling the truth. His response is dangerous and reckless and only confirms his vindictiveness and anger over losing the election. Never in American history has an outgoing president refused to congratulate the winner and support a peaceful and orderly transition of power. President Trump is deliberately blocking President-elect Joe Biden from getting the vital information he needs to do his job on January 20. Trump is playing golf, ignoring his responsibilities as president and tweeting lies and disinformation about election results while the coronavirus pandemic is raging and killing thousands of Americans every day.

Second, Republicans say privately they know that Joe Biden has won the election, but they refuse to say it publicly because they fear Trump's retribution. Some even promote baseless fraud accusations, including Perdue and Loeffler who continue to demonstrate the arrogance of privilege by choosing self-interest rather than the interests of the people they serve. This behavior is contemptible in an elected member of congress and violates their sworn oaths to defend the Constitution. They even attacked our Republican Secretary of State in order to undermine the legitimate results in the Georgia election.

Third, Mitch McConnell and the republicans have had control of the Senate for a long time. They decided to hurt the democrats by blocking everything the Democrats proposed, even if it was bipartisan and would benefit the majority of Americans. McConnell has publicly called himself ”the grim reaper” and his job was to prevent the Democrats from getting anything through congress. And he succeeded. Since the Republicans controlled the Senate, congressional gridlock has become much worse and very little has been accomplished that benefits the average citizen.

We must recognize that the country is in an unprecedented health crisis that threatens our economy, our medical system and our education system. The current administration has failed us and the Republican leadership has supported this by not doing their job. We cannot afford a do-nothing congress under the leadership of an obstructionist Mitch McConnell for four more years.

Georgia can come to the rescue and save Democracy right now by making the Senate 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats. With neither party in the majority, the Senate would have to negotiate and compromise. With the Vice-President only voting in the case of a tie, it would only push senators to work harder to resolve differences and come to agreement.

The way Georgians can save America and Democracy is for Democrats, Independents and Republicans of good-conscience vote to send Jon Ossoff and Rafael Warnock to the Senate. This would insure a 50/50 Senate and with President Joe Biden, known for his bipartisanship, the country can move forward and start working on the multiple challenges we have ignored for far too long.


Bob Covi



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Cheryl Brownstein

Thanks Bob for your excellent letter. Mitch McConnell is possibly the most dangerous Senator in American history since Joe McCarthy. He has no positions on any thing, except if a Democrat proposed it, he will block it. And, lie about it.

It is now 10 months into this pandemic in the US. Bills passed in the House that would help individual Americans have NEVER been brought up in the Senate for a vote. The only bills that have gotten through at all benefitted large corporations and the rich. In fact, McConnell has overseen the largest wealth transfer from the average American to the Ultra Wealthy (and he is one) in the history of the country. Thus the party of "fiscal responsibility" has created the largest deficit in American history. Even exceeding the one they created the last time they held the power under Newt.

Georgians must break Mitch's hold on the Senate. Please VOTE on January 5 for the TWO Democrats running for Senate.

Richard Ellis

Seriously, Bob? Save America by sending in two socialist-leaning 'Dimocrats' to represent us? You really believe in your heart that doing so will force both sides to work together? What planet are you on? It would be nothing more than a 50/50 tie (assuming a more reasonable Senator like Joe Manchin doesn't switch parties) that would force the most liberal (former) Senator to vote with her party. You need to understand, America doesn't want to be a socialist nation. This is a representative republic....the finest the world has ever known. Your party seeks to change that. No thank you!

Catrina Blackburn

Well said! Couldn’t agree with you more!

chad wood

Richard Ellis - you are so right ! Democrats will destroy our country if they get unchecked power.

Jon Oblesen

To be fair to Bob, Mr. Ellis: For all of the efforts exerted and money spent these last few weeks, i.e. asking for recounts, dozens of court cases filed by Donald Trump, tweeting conspiracy theories that the election was appears that it is the Republican Party who are seeking to undermine democracy in the wake of this election, not Democrats. And it is sad to me that Republicans either can't see that, which is pitiful, or refuse to accept the results, which is shameful.

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