Dear Editor: When I took over as the Jackson County Republican Party Chairman at the start of this year, I told myself that I would refrain from partisan attacks. However, over the last month or so, Pete Fuller, chairman of the Jackson County Democrat Party, has been determined to do nothing but stir the pot and go after his political opponents with constant attacks and desperately needs to be called out on it.

Fuller’s latest attack is that anyone who does not fully agree with his radical left-wing agenda is NOT providing “strong leadership.”

I just want to ask Mr. Fuller, is painting Rep. Tommy Benton, his political opponent, as a neo-Confederate strong leadership? Is accusing Governor Brian Kemp of stealing the 2018 election with no evidence or data to back up your claim strong leadership? Is constantly painting President Trump as a racist and pushing impeachment despite him doing nothing wrong strong leadership?

The people of Jackson County expect better in their political leaders. They want to know what you will do to represent them not how terrible your political opponents are. Constant partisan attacks with no basis in fact is everything people hate in politics and I am proud to say that as your County GOP Chairman, I will continue to go by a philosophy of pushing policy and not constant attacks against my rivals.


TJ Dearman


Jackson County Republican Party


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