Dear Editor:

The Big Lie is, “a gross distortion or misrepresentation of the facts, especially when used as a propaganda device by a politician or official body.”

The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler. One of the most consistent practitioners was Soviet Russia. The Big Lie is still a principal tool of Russian disinformation.

Fast forward to 2021.

Does the “Big Lie” sound familiar?

It should. It is the principal propaganda tool used by former President Donald Trump to discredit the results of the 2020 election. Donald Trump’s use of the Big Lie is part of a pattern of lies and distortions used from the inception of his first campaign and throughout his term of office.

A vital part of the Donald Trump’s Big Lie have been members of Congress and other high-profile individuals who have lent credence to the Big Lie of the “election steal”. Their tools included groundless lawsuits (essentially all dismissed by state and federal courts throughout the country), demands for recounts (all of which confirmed the election results), “objections” in Congress to accepting the election results as certified by both Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State and Governors and, most recently, speeches haranguing mobs to attack the Capitol and the members of Congress assembled there to prevent them from accepting the election results.

The danger of the Big Lie, and the reason Hitler, the Russians and demagogues worldwide use it, is that there will always be gullible people who will believe it and who can be led to violent action in the name of the Big Lie.

The answer to the Big Lie is always the same: tell the Truth.

We have witnessed the terrible danger of the Big Lie.

Now we must hold those who promulgated and supported the Big Lie to account.


Bruce Menke



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William Ledford

I saw your head lines, The Big Lie, I thought finally someone is finally speaking out about Joe Biden. But no, even though Trump is no longer in office, you can't move on. Let's talk about The Big Lie, Joe Biden said he never talked to his son about his dealings in China and Ukraine. The next Big Lie, there was absolutely no fraud in the presidential election. Next Big Lie, Joe Biden says he wants to unite the country, while all he has done is wipe out thousands of great jobs, in the name of climate control, while John Kerry, the Climate Czar, travels in his private jet. So let's focus on more important things. Why the democratic congress is more worried about impeaching Trump, who is no longer in office, than getting some financial help for small business and the American people.

Jon Oblesen

Hey Bill,

I think you could do yourself a favor by Googling either “tu quoque logical fallacy” or simply “whataboutisms”. You have, I’m sure by accident, shown everyone an excellent example of this logical fallacy being put into practice in your previous post. Someone writes an article regarding their opinion on Trump and his use of the Big Lie propaganda tool that emerged out of fascist and totalitarian regimes of the 20th century. I thought Mr. Menke’s article was short, to the point, and clearly stated, and very much his own opinion. If you disagreed with Mr. Menke’s thoughts, it might be worth constructing a similarly styled article to answer his claims. But rather than do that, you start with these “whataboutisms”. “What about Joe Biden’s son’s relationship with Ukraine”, “what about Jon Kerry killing jobs”, “what about Congress impeaching Trump”, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a useful rhetorical device, its sort of a squeak toy to a dog—it gets instant attention and distracts people from the point. So while I am glad you choose to make your voice heard in the comments, I do hope you make a bit more of an effort next time if you truly disagree with what someone wrote.

William Ledford

Hey Jon,

Thanks for your reply. I think I made my point. The press and media are not reputable. If my response to Mr. Menke's article did not meet your standards, ego vere non curo.

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