Dear Editor:

I recently attended the Jackson County Democratic Party meeting. The speaker that evening was Teresa Tomlinson, the former mayor of Columbus.

I am not a journalist, however, this is my impression of the meeting. Teresa is spunky, full of vim and vigor, very smart and well versed in today’s important issues. She is ready to take on and defeat Trump’s surrogate, David Perdue.

What I liked about this meeting and Teresa's discussion is the calm and friendliness of the questions and answers. The atmosphere was much more relaxed as compared to GOP meetings replete with rants and raves to scare people into submission.

The Republicans mantra is government is too big and big government is the enemy. The GOP tells all that the government is the problem and refers to the government as “they”.

Teresa Tomlinson submits the government is “us” and not “they” and is a coalition of citizens – yes us — that build and maintain a fabric to support people in both good times and bad times.

Teresa Tomlinson mapped out her strategy logically and smoothly for becoming Georgia’s next senator. She has met and collected a great deal of feedback over the last year as she campaigned and found the top concern of most voters, along with healthcare, is stability.

People today are constantly being hammered with tweets followed by a scandal then a denial and then another scandal before the first one concludes.

So many scandals hit the news that most are forgotten due to the massive volume. This constant churn takes all the air out of the news. Voters are exhausted and fatigued and are looking for a stable place to live, work, bring up their families, take vacation and to cope with the normal tensions of life.

Voters want a government to protect them instead of taunting and scaring them. Teresa Tomlinson believes government is not “bad,” and can be excellent if people get involved and help push it to its best.

The GOP wants to tag the Democratic Party as a socialist party because that word is a powerful whistle call for communism.

Per Teresa Tomlinson, in the real world, Democrats are not pure socialist, instead they want safety-net programs to assist the down-trodden and the sick. The poor will always need some assistance and the middle class should not lose every dollar they own because of a terrible disease that takes all of their savings and property.

Although the current administration has run our deficit to new highs, they will not allow money to go to social programs that can help the core of our society.

Democrats want people to run the government, not corporations. Teresa believes the government should be a coalition of people to legislate the laws for the people they represent. She believes pointless tariffs are hurting Georgia farmers. She feels affordable heathcare and expanding Medicaid is essential for our economical future and will fight to fix our broken immigrant policies in a humane manner and she thinks it is reprehensible to pit us against one another based on our skin color, our sexuality and our religion.

Teresa Tomlinson talked to the audience without the use of chants, she did not call anyone a negative name or tag them with a catchy nasty tag line and she did not rant and scream for effect.

This was a very uplifting and positive presentation. I agree with her philosophy and strategy for beating Senator Purdue and I plan to vote for her, also.


William A. Dodd Sr.


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