Dear Editor:

Representative Barry Fleming of Dominion voting machine fame, chairs the Special Committee on Election Integrity with 10 Republicans and four Democrats. We will soon learn the meaning of the Georgia two-step.

After the loss of the presidency and the U.S. Senate, Georgia Republicans asked themselves what to do about it? Sell their ideas, or make voting more difficult?

The State Republican Caucus will push measures to limit absentee balloting, complicate the voting process and perhaps even make the Secretary of State a position chosen by them instead of the voters. Stop the steal, indeed!

This is disappointing given pro-voter changes the General Assembly enacted following the 2018 midterm elections. Our Republican controlled General Assembly altered the state’s voter roll purge process, issued new guidance on how election officials close or relocate voting precincts and handle absentee ballots, and enrolled Georgia in a multi-state voter database to identify voters who leave the state or die between elections. After those two steps forward, Representative Barry Fleming and his minions are ready to walk everything back, the ol’ Georgia two-step.

The 2020 election empowered voters by simplifying the process. Easier access to absentee ballots meant more Georgians voted and shorter lines at the polls on election day. Contrary to what the radical right propaganda machine says, incidents of fraud were few and did not change the election outcome.

Georgia’s GOP legislators will try to protect their majority by now outlawing no-excuse absentee balloting, a law Republicans themselves implemented in 2005. They’ll restrict or eliminate absentee ballot drop boxes and they’ll insist on harsher identification rules for those submitting absentee ballots.

Georgians must send a clear message to their legislators about voting rights. We’re not interested in dancing the Georgia two-step. Make voting easier, not harder.


Bob Covi



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Black Helicopters

How much easier could it have been? Start voting four weeks earlier in person while receiving four applications to obtain absentee ballots. Add to the fact persons in your party collecting ballots for other persons if not filling them out for them. I think the biggest tragedy of the 2020 election was the fact judges, our esteemed governor and Secretary of State ignored videos of election tampering, affidavits of fellow Georgians swearing under oath that they witnessed election law violations. The judges looked the other way. Now millions of Georgians will never get a fair election because the left was allowed to get away with it. Enjoy your food lines and lock downs from your non elected president. As of today .. 46 executive orders.

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