Dear Editor:

Over the past several weeks, articles have been this newspaper about various industrial and manufacturing projects approved or proposed for Jackson County. These projects will bring hundreds if not thousands of jobs to Jackson County. How long will the buildings be vacant? Some of the buildings under construction already have a tenant. The Ollie's building in Commerce was vacant for over 5 years.

Job creation is great, but is that the only part of the equation our city and county leaders are looking at? Jobs being created mean employees are needed. Where will the employees come from? With the pay scale of the jobs being created workers will need to reside near their employment.

Recent residential projects in the county have brought citizen push-back,  which is understandable with the size of the proposed projects.

Infrastructure improvements are needed through out the county not only to support the commercial  projects, but also for residential as well. Our city and county leaders seem to be putting the cart in front of the horse.

One idea for the City of Commerce and Jackson County leaders is to consider merging the city and county school systems. I know this a sore subject and fought over for the past 50 plus years. This would solve some concerns citizens had over the city school system being overcrowded due to the proposed project at Hwy 441 and White Hill School Road. County schools are close to that area.

Growth is coming at a massive speed, the city and county leaders need to look at the big picture of these large projects and the effect they will have in the future.


Nelson Nee



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