Dear Editor:  Mike Buffington's column of Sept. 9, "Both parties should reject radicalism," I pretty much agree with the firs two sections, as well as the concluding section. I don't disagree with the general thought. I think his column is well-meant and several points he made were very good.

But it's the meat in the middle that gives me pause.

Stating that Joe Biden doesn't have the baggage that Hillary Clinton had and that people like Biden and didn't like Clinton is a bit short of the reality.

Joe Biden has shown that he is an old-time politician in the way he enriched the finances of his son, brother and one other relative whose name I have forgotten.

His gaffs and reversals are legendary and I suspect people like him because he shows he is very fallible, just like they are.

he further has the very real indisputable baggage of the many video tapes showing his penchant for sniffing the hair of little girls and caressing grown women.

Buffington mentioned a recent study by the Center for Strategic International Studies, CSIS, and its conclusion "that right-wing extremists are more numerous and dangerous than left-wing extremists." I read the article he got that quote from.

I also read some more articles on this organization. What he didn't mention is that this "think tank" gets much of its data from left-wing sources. This CSIS group designates anti-abortion and Christian groups as right-wing terrorists in the same vein that ANTFIA and Marxists version of Black Lives Matter as left-wing. To quote Joe Biden, "Come on man."

The article specified the period of Jan 1, 2020 through May 1, 2020 as being 90% right-wing attacks and plots. I wonder why they stopped at May 1? Perchance something significant has happened since that time that might skew the data?


Bill Curtis



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