Dear Editor: In 1993, we moved to Georgia and lived in a nearby city in Hall County. On many trips north to my former state, we passed through the City of Jefferson and were quite taken with its charm.

As we prepared for retirement, we looked at many places, here in Georgia and several surrounding states. We were fortunate to find three subdivisions within Jefferson that appealed to us and we relocated here in 2005.

We have been here close to 15 years and have not regretted one day of it. Sure, I have wished for the convenience of several businesses, such as a Panera's and Chick-fil-A, but the ambience of this city more than compensates for those establishments. Here are only a small number of interactions I have experienced in the past and recently within the citizenry of this city:

While driving home late one night, our car struck a piece of concrete at the intersection of Hwy. 129 and Hog Mountain Rd., blowing out a tire. We were able to turn into the Raceway gas station to change the tire. A truck stopped right behind our car and a man from Jefferson, as noted by the Jefferson High School decal on a window, jumped out and did more than his share of changing the tire. He would not accept compensation for this very kind deed.

We stopped to enjoy a Blizzard at the local Dairy Queen (the best we have visited across the United States). While there, I hung my purse over the arm of the chair I occupied out on the patio. We left there and as we pulled into our driveway, I realized I had left my purse on the chair. We raced back to the restaurant, with every dreadful thought about the consequences of this mistake, and pulled up to the patio about 20 minutes later. There hung my purse, untouched.

We attend various events at JHS. The courteous, respectful behavior by the student body has impressed upon me the extraordinary influence the teachers have developed with their students.

Recently, we attended a Jefferson square concert and while we were trying to decide where we wanted to sit, a woman approached us and offered us her children's chairs. That was a true "Wow!" and still brings a lump to my throat.

As I was paying for an order at a local fast food restaurant, the person serving me automatically gave me a discount that I didn't think the restaurant gave.

I sought help with a technical problem at a local bank and my visit became more than business. Due to a backlog delay at the bank's main office, the bank employee took time to sit out the delay to continue helping me with the problems. What could have been an annoying delay became a wonderful sharing of life stories and much spontaneous laughter.

When participating in local civic functions, the recognition extended by local officials is amazing. To be called by your first name while shaking their hand makes the experience of participating in the welfare of this city rewarding. I consider myself fortunate to have found this city where a concern for well-being of its citizens is constantly displayed by its citizens.


Mary Berkowsky


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