Dear Editor: I’d like to reply to the reader who asked why anyone would vote for Trump and at the same time explain why I could never vote for Biden.

First, your reader says Trump is concerned about his own success. Of course he is! Why wouldn’t he? Why would anyone want to re-elect an unsuccessful President? Citizens voted for him to be successful, vs. empty promises, platitudes and pandering.

I don’t see Isis beheading people every week anymore. I don’t see caravans of thousands of illegal immigrants stampeding through our borders like clockwork. I don’t see Syria’s Assad using poison gas anymore. I don’t see the U. S. dependent on foreign oil now and I don’t see North Korea testing nuclear weapons every other month.

I do see: thousands of government regulations imposed by unelected bureaucrats eliminated; Veterans getting better and more timely care; the creation of the Space Force (your kids and grandkids will be ever thankful for that); criminal justice reform enacted; a multitude of opportunity zones created, and a guy that has three Noble Peace Prize nominations.

These were for creating peace accords that nobody thought possible in the Middle East and Balkans…in other words “promises made, promises kept.”

Your reader says the Republican Party is being held hostage by Trump. I say the Democrat Party is being held hostage by AOC, The Squad and other “upstanding” politicians like Schiff and Nadler. Joe Biden holds rare press conferences where attendees are given written questions to ask so that he could read his prepared answers from a teleprompter. That’s terrific, isn’t it? Whereas Trump is out there every day answering questions from a constantly antagonistic and hostile press.

Also, Joe Biden has recently been identified as the un-named American in Ukraine’s criminal investigation into corruption. I haven’t seen a peep about this from our fair and balanced mainstream media.

If Joe Biden wins the election you can be sure he will move to: pack the Supreme Court; push for statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico and try to eliminate the electoral college, (i.e.: two wolves and a lamb deciding what they want for dinner). That should give the left absolute power for the next 100 years.

In short, I do look at Trump’s actions………and I like ‘em.


James Siegendorf



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