Dear Editor: Well, once again I had to labor through two pages of rants against Trump and his supporters.

A couple of things struck me. First, Ron Bridgeman used virtually his entire column to tell us what a liar Trump is. You would think that somewhere in his column he would cite an example. If there is one in it, I can’t seem to find it.

Adam Schiff tells us for two years that he has absolute proof that Trump colluded with the Russians. According to Bob Mueller, not true. “You know who” said we could keep our doctors and health plan and our premiums won’t go up a dime. Maybe this wasn’t a total lie, premiums did not go up a dime. They went up exponentially more than a dime. Pocahontas said she‘s part Native American. See? I can actually give you some examples.

 Second, one of the letters you published suggests that “liberty loving progressives founded our country.” Maybe they were progressives in their time, but those progressives embraced a different set of concepts than those championed by the current crop of liberal progressives. The Founding Fathers were extremely distrustful of big government and its potential to trample upon the rights of the populace it governs. Accordingly, they amended the Constitution to include the Bill of Rights so as to assure that government would not infringe upon freedom of speech, religion, right to bear arms, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, right to assemble, etc., etc. We owe them an extreme debt of gratitude for that. Also, I doubt they would hold the concept of socialism dear to their hearts.

 Lastly, the Chris Bridges' column accuses Trump supporters of “blind loyalty.” Relative to what? Hillary Clinton supporters? After she lost the election, Clinton supporters were wailing, sobbing and weeping in the streets, hysterical with grief. They still are to this day. It seems like they want to impeach any government official they can get their hands on with a point of view other than theirs. By the way, you couldn’t find a more gracious loser than Hillary.

 Anyway, I just thought I’d try to provide your publication with a balance of opinion. Can’t be done at our colleges and universities. Antifa will be there to shut you down.


Jim Siegendorf


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