Dear Editor:

Regarding the headline above the fold in last week’s paper, "Clyde’s insurrection comments create huge backlash":

When I first heard of our congressman’s remarks, I sent a few emails directly to his office. I gave him an opportunity to explain himself. He was asked to do that by reporters after his remarks became public and his first response to their queries was that he was “taken out of context”. When asked to explain, he was speechless, as they reminded him of the people who lost their lives that day, one of those from Kennesaw, then fidgeted around waiting on his ride to show up, quickly jumping into the truck and riding away when it did, without answering the questions.

After several emails, he finally responded to me on 5/18, sending me the text of his “essay” published in The Gainesville Times on May 14th. In other words, he can’t/won’t explain himself, it was the same “out of context” defense.

Here’s why that doesn’t pass the smell test. He’s taking out of context a few moments of video and not considering the entire package. He’s doing exactly what he’s accusing others of doing. That’s lesson number one in the Trump Rules of Obfuscation: Always Accuse Others of Doing what ye have Already Done Yourself. The vast majority of the video from that day shows violent seditionists trying to overthrow the duly elected government of our country. Period. End of story. You can’t pick and choose and “take out of context”, Andy.

People died that day. Cops died that day, scores more were injured, some so traumatically they still can’t work and may never to be able to again. More than 70 Capitol police officers have resigned since 1/6/2021. At least one has committed suicide. Yet Clyde voted last week against a bill to provide essential funding the Capitol police need. Blue Lives Matter? He DEFUNDED the police! The very police that defended his life, as he helped blockade the door of the House chamber against the “tourists”.

The late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts”. To even begin trying to heal this divided country, we have to share a common set of facts. Not beliefs. Not gut feelings. Facts.

Republican leaders, including our Georgia representatives, must stop lying to their constituents. They must tell them in no uncertain terms that Trump lost, Biden is President, the election of 2020 was the most safe and secure in the nation’s history. There was no widespread voter fraud. These are facts that have been proven repeatedly. Stop the Big Lie.

We have to be greatly encouraged by the online responses to this article by Vanessa Phillips and Candy Sweppenheiser. These true patriots understand the absolute importance of protecting Truth and the Rule of Law, of holding elected officials accountable, of protecting the Constitution. These are the most conservative of all principles. Conserving Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, as our founders proposed.

In addition, Andrew Clyde voted to disenfranchise not only my vote, but the votes of the majority of our fellow Georgians. This alone makes him unfit to serve as the representative of our district to the rest of our nation. As I have already shared with him, he should do the honorable thing and resign his seat. I find his honor to be lacking to this point.


Randy Durham



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Ross Harvin

As always the letters to the Jackson Herald never cease to be anything more than the same points spewed on MSNBC and CNN. Now I will say that it is likely that those with an opposing view point probably do not send in letters to the editor, being they are just dumb uneducated Trump voters. The notion that they believe it is possible there was election fraud is so crazy, almost like the possibility that COVID may have been leaked from a lab which benefitted from grants from our government. Clearly all are conspiracies and the only way to know if they are conspiracies is to wait for the mainstream media to tell us what is right think. Thank you for your letter and thank you to the Herald for always ensuring I know what I should think.

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