Dear Editor:

 I am hoping that I may present a differing viewpoint to Mr. Fuller’s letter from last week.

I find it curious that the Democrats have suddenly tried to flip some of their narrative to blame Republicans. From calling for defunding the police to seeking tighter gun control, the left has suddenly taken on the approach that they will blame Republicans for the policies they have fought for; and the media is helping them right along. I’m sure this is because they realize the error of their ways, but the proverbial cat is already out of the bag and Americans are not buying it.

The only people who are going to obey stricter gun control laws are those law-abiding citizens that are not a menace or threat to society already. As Mr. Fuller pointed out, he is a responsible gun owner so he will obey the laws. However, he also pointed to the fact that stolen guns show up on police tickers every week. Criminals are stealing these guns and will not obey any new laws, so the laws will only hurt a responsible gun owner’s ability to defend themselves and exercise what the Supreme Court has already ruled is a Constitutional right.

Let’s make a quick comparison of gun laws in Illinois, a state run by Democrats, and Georgia, a state run by Republicans. In Illinois you have to have a special permit to purchase AND own a firearm and ammunition (called a FOID, a Firearm Owners ID card); in Georgia you do not. This permit is in addition to a concealed carry permit which is shall-issue in Georgia and shall-issue with limited discretion in Illinois. In Illinois, open carry is illegal while in Georgia you can open carry a long gun without a permit and a handgun with a concealed carry permit. In Illinois National Firearms Act weapons are prohibited while in Georgia they are not (though you must gain approval through the federal government to own them). And in Illinois background checks are required for private sales while in Georgia they are not. So, Illinois has far greater restrictions on the ability to purchase and possess firearms than the state of Georgia.

During the weekend of July 21-22 in the city of Chicago, 73 people were hit by gunfire and 11 of them died. One of those was a 17-year-old who was killed while his 15-year-old friend was shot in the abdomen. During the same weekend in Atlanta, 10 people were shot and one 17-year-old was killed. Why are the numbers so drastically different when it easier to obtain a firearm in Georgia? Criminals don’t obey laws, but they do tend to stay away from situations where someone else might shoot back. So, restricting the ability to own or obtain firearms by law abiding citizens simply makes them more susceptible to gun violence. I do not think that is something any of us want.

And while I certainly admire and respect Ronald Reagan’s contributions to the Republican party, I’m not sure his policies would fit in today. Much like John F. Kennedy would not recognize the Democrat Party. Times change, rights don’t.


Jeremy Griffey



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Vanessa Phillips

I think the point, the most important point, that Mr. Griffey is missing is that stronger laws do not hurt law abiding citizens at all because as a law abiding citizen I agree with the common sense laws that make a successful democracy. Besides if it is a little bit harder so what? Are we that lazy now? I really wish I could do a panoramic view of how the Real Problem with gun violence today is just basic, It is Gun Saturation. Period. That is THE problem. Back decades ago there was a massive change from Gun corporations to shift from Care and Education to Profit ONLY as JOB 1. The gunmakers let us down to please stock holders portfolios instead of us everyday people trying to make life work. I use to be really angry that Responsible Gun Owners had overlooked what was actually happening but it very easy to be fooled with the shiny marketing techniques which I too have been a victim of. So we need to drop the Blame and get down to the reality that there are just Too Many Guns and in tough times people have no patience and the gun is an instant way to have instant regrettable revenge. I mean we had a shooting at McDonald's. My children and grandchildren have spent their lives at Jefferson McDonalds and now it is a place of violence. I just want Peace. I just want Not to be afraid to go to Kroger. Guns aren't toys. They were created to end life. Think about that. Peace and Clarity!

Jeremy Griffey

I will accept the fact that there are many guns in this country. However, your statement that "stronger laws do not hurt law abiding citizens" is false and the reason why so many of those laws are opposed by law abiding citizens like myself. If a law is placed on the books banning a firearm, I am going to obey that law and not purchase that firearm. The criminal who shot someone at McDonalds or the gangs shooting people in Chicago are not going to obey that law. They will find the gun on the black market and continue to use it in their criminal endeavors. Only now the law abiding citizen does not have anything to fight back with when the criminal sticks that gun in their face. The people committing the gun violence in this country are criminals. Criminals don't follow laws, no matter how many you make or how strong you make them.

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