Dear Editor: 

I got about 6 paragraphs into Mike Buffington's editorial last week and was laughing. Half of that was out of exasperation and half out of disbelief. Here we are 9 months into one of the worst presidential administrations in our history and at least 2-3 times a month a liberal newspaper editor or mainstream talking head has to still discuss January 6th and those evil Trump insurrectionists that nearly destroyed a 235-year-old democracy.

There are no talks about the inflation strangling the middle class, Democrat politicians spending money that would make a drunk sailor blush, Democrats pushing COVID policies that they refuse to adhere to behind closed doors, an open border policy that has fentanyl pouring into our country and killing thousands more Americans than those Trump tyrants, allies and citizens abandoned in a terrorist country (in fairness you actually wrote about this), or a President who has almost no control of himself.

No, you had to make up one of the most inflammatory and irresponsible opinions I think I have ever read. An opinion based completely on conjecture and meant to spin up the 20% of the population in this county that for some reason actually votes for Democrats. And you talk of violence and armed right-wing militia groups. How many guns were those Trump tyrants carrying on January 6th? Let’s compare that to the deaths and violent beatings in the left wing Antifa led CHOP zone of Seattle. Or any other area that the left wing groups appear and start causing mass mayhem and destruction. How many small businesses were destroyed by the Trump tyrants that will lead us to civil war versus the violent left wing gangs that roamed, looted and burned major metropolitan areas over the last year. I was in downtown Atlanta last summer. I didn’t see any armed right-wing militias destroying those hotels and restaurants.

Rather than having the left-wing media try to spin up the population by writing absurdly hypothetical stories about power grabs (unlike the actual one Democrats are trying to actually ram through Congress), why don’t you use your bully pulpit to actually try to bring down the heat and rhetoric and try to heal this country. Try to find common ground we can all stand on together. As one people and one nation. Boy would that be a refreshing opinion page to read.


Jeremy Griffey


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Jon Oblesen

I sympathize to some extent with your points about the BLM, Antifa, Leftist, etc. protests of last Summer. There were protests that gave way to destruction of homes, businesses, violence, and it was a disappointing thing to witness our country go through. The 1/6 rally and later attempted coup, struck a cord closer to my heart though. You're correct that the protestors on that single day destroyed less property and fewer lives were lost as compared to all of the protests last summer; I don't think anyone will argue with you on that score. But the reason the protestors were there (thinking that an election was stolen; all evidence points otherwise) and then being that close to overthrowing our democracy is what made that single event scary for so many. They were so close! What if they had killed 10 legislators? or 50? 100? What if they had killed Pence? "Damage" isn't always measured in blood or treasure, which you would argue the BLM protests did far more on both counts. But 1/6 scares me more because it did the most damage to the idea of our American republic and the real threat that it is under. How easy it would have been for D.C. to descend into chaos, perhaps even martial law declared, Biden's inauguration "postponed" indefinitely? We came closer to that than many of us would care to admit.

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