Dear Editor:

After many weeks and years of reading Mike Buffington's weekly opinion piece, I was ill-prepared to see him promoting less political discourse among readers. It seems he now believes people are far too polarized in their political views to discuss them in a polite social setting.

Is this the same editor I've come to know and often disagree with? If so, why the retreat from dispensing his weekly dose of liberal talking points. Has he truly grown weary of pushing that point of view and dismissing the conservative values of roughly half the nation's populace. Or is he just catching his breath and rallying his strength before settling at the keyboard to prepare next week's dose of righteousness?

Could it be finding any positives in the DC leadership in charge is becoming increasingly difficult. And that voters have gotten a good look at the results and real agenda of the Biden administration and his moderate platform transition to a liberal love boat? Americans are getting to know what they've voted into office and the cliff our country is headed for at full speed. The liberal/progressive democrats in power now are desperately pushing forward with an agenda to put Americans on a pathway of social and fiscal destruction with central DC control. These goals must be achieved before their congressional leadership is returned to sainer minds in 2022.

There is no need to go into detail to describe the failures of Joe Biden and his handlers. Botched Afghan withdrawal, Southern border, Covid failure, endless mandates, human infrastructure spending spree, inflation, failed energy policy, supply chain nightmares, the taking of power/control and concentrating in it DC. And so on.

The latest edict from this power hungry group is to have the Attorney General and FBI police any parent who offends a school board official by demanding schools educate but don't indoctrinate our children. CRT, white privilege, equity redistribution, etc. being just some of the divisive agenda in play from the dealers of false promises and delusional history.

The speed at which the current administration has deconstructed functional programs w/o consideration or thought to the consequences is only eclipsed by the insatiable desire for spending and the passage of societal changing omnibus legislative programs. Looking at Biden's polling numbers it is difficult to believe many voters don't have buyers remorse and would like a do-over. But instead we must all continue to endure the ongoing Bernie Sanders socialist agenda without recourse as the power grab and unequal justice being practiced by the DOJ, FBI, and Homeland Security goes on unabated. Lastly, let us not forget our CBP agents who go unsupported and desperate for the proper leadership (Kamala Harris - really) staffing and funding.

Can't wait for my paper next week!


Jimmy Jones



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