Dear Editor:

 I read with some bemusement Mike Buffington's opinion piece on Georgia’s new election law.

He essentially makes the same points that the Biden Administration has previously made… which the ultra-liberal Washington Post awarded not one, not two, not three but four Pinocchio’s.

He asserts the law is an attempt by the GOP to put their thumb on the voting scale. I assert that the law is an attempt to remove the one-ton thumb that the progressive, liberal democrats currently have on that scale.

Equally as egregious is the Biden administration's willingness to encourage hundreds of thousands of illegals to enter our country in the hopes of garnering future votes with no regard for the cost and damage it is doing to our country.

This administration (besides blaming Trump for the crisis) claims they want to find the “root cause” for this massive illegal immigration. I suggest they look in the mirror.

To put icing on the cake, now that they have Executive and Legislative power they want to deny the states the ability to write their own election laws and Federalize them with H.R. 1. Talk about thumbs on the scale!


Jim Siegendorf


(Buffington responds: Jim, thanks for your letter. However, no where in your missive do you rebut any of the details discussed in that column; instead, you veer off on a diatribe that has nothing to do with SB202. Changing the subject won't change the facts.)


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Pete Fuller

What both of the previous commenters fail to mention is we've seen no evidence at all of any issues with the 2020 election. No massive voter fraud, it was to the contrary the first in a long time that didn't feature long wait times and other problems like that.

The climate that brought these changes was politically charged and fueled with angry Republicans about the outcome. In their mind, there was a problem with that election - who won it! That is the problem they set out to solve, hearing the ramblings of Rudy Guilanni and a clown car of nuts spout conspiracy and lies.

Restricting the use of alternatives to long voting lines, they are bound to become an issue again next year in the metro area. Even more troubling, they set up a legal pathway to do what they could not do last cycle - take over a local election board, subvirt the local authorities and have their way with the votes of the area. We've seen what nonsense partisans have made of the not-audit in Arizona, can you imagine these same folks coming into a live election situation in Fulton county?

William Ledford

Pete, the reason you have seen no evidence of any issues with the 2020 election, is you and voters have been blinded by the propaganda of the main stream media and press. The media refused to report on how corrupt the Biden family really is. I believe Joe Pinocchio and Tickle Me Elmo would not be in the White House today if the voters had been told the truth.

By the way, just reported over ten thousand illegal votes, and counting, have been found in Georgia.

Jeremy Griffey

Mr. Fuller,

I would expect no less from the head of the Democratic party. I do find it comical you speak of "angry Republicans" and the "clown car of nuts spout{sic} conspiracy and lies" since we just finished 4 years of crying, screaming Democrats because they lost in 2016. So they came up with every conspiracy theory they could about the past administration and were silent when all their theories were debunked. At any rate, the bad man isn't tweeting anymore so you can rest quietly in your bed while 2 people who know nothing about what they are doing bumble around the White House mumbling and cackling to each other.

As for the new law, could you please be honest with the people? Why is this bill so terrible and so repressive, yet the law in Delaware is much more restrictive? Why does this law create MORE opportunity to vote, yet you continue to tell the people the vote is being suppressed? Why must the demagoguery be elevated to levels so great that no one can trust anything they see or read in the paper or on TV anymore? Just be honest. This bill doesn't make it harder to vote. You have to show an ID to get in the Democratic National Convention but not choose the person who is going to guide the country for 4 or more years? Where is the logic in that? As for long voting lines, that is because record numbers of people came out to vote. That will probably never happen again because the bad man is gone. And should inept election boards be allowed to run elections? Would you want them running one in an election you were running in? Would you complain if a Democrat was doing it? I mean after using the filibuster hundreds of times during the Trump administration Democrats now say it is racist so maybe you would. The bottom line is people want fair elections. (I'm not saying the last one wasn't, but there needs to be some changes so the people have trust in the process again). Democrats didn't trust the process after 2016 until all the unconstitutional shenanigans that Supreme courts, Secretary of State's and local jurisdictions pulled making up their own rules when the Constitution clearly states that State legislatures make election law.

Jeremy Griffey

You dare to challenge the Editor? I'm amazed you got your letter printed. But then it was only to ridicule you in his response. You should have asked him if he felt the same about the voting laws in the President's own state of Delaware which are far more restrictive than the one he complains about here. But he's the Editor and he would have told you that you were comparing apples to oranges or some other straw man argument. He will continue to project his left wing views in a paper that covers a county that votes 80% Republican in every election. And continue to suppress dissenting views that are in line with the vast majority of the county's population.

William Ledford

Jim and Jeremy, thanks for your post. What Mr. Buffington and the Stacey Abrams of the world refuse to acknowledge, is that SB202 does not restrict voter rights, it's an attempt to make it harder to cheat. We are not a third world country. We have to have integrity in our elections.

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