Dear Editor: Our mother has lived at Jackson Oaks, formerly Bentley, since May of 2018. We have never been fully satisfied with her care, but it has gotten progressively worse.

She has been to the ER at least 20 times since she has been there. Her injuries include several broken noses, a broken pelvis, several broken vertebrae. several cases of pneumonia which resulted in hospitalization and stitches to the front and back of her head.

In addition to the concerns over her care, the staff seems to be on a revolving door. We have dealt in this short time, with two Executive Directors and they are currently looking for their third Nursing Director.

Mom has ulcerative colitis. Mom has chronic UTIs due to poor hygiene and not being kept clean or showered after bowel movements. Her room has been filthy since the beginning. Her toilet is often covered in feces. Her sheets are filthy and often full of food crumbs. Nothing was ever initiated by the staff unless we complained and asked for things such as clean sheets and a shower.

With her relatively recent diagnosis of vascular dementia, her level of care needs has drastically increased. We have had great difficulties with communication from the staff at Jackson Oaks. Phone calls are not returned and emails are not answered and/or bounce back as undelivered.

After we facilitated a FaceTime visit (4/28) with our mother because we were so concerned over her mental and physical decline, she was in so much pain that she was crying. She was begging to get off the phone.

During our next phone call (5/7), Mom was again in extreme pain. When we questioned the Vice President of Nursing, the response was Mom spit out her pain pill. The Hospice nurse was called to Jackson Oaks to assess mom’s pain needs at our demand.

Her extreme mental decline seems to coincide with the Pandemic. None of the issues have been addressed initially by the staff at Jackson Oaks. All issues have been addressed because we complained.

This is the only reason mom was assessed by the Physician’s Assistant (4/29). The PA said Mom needed to be assessed by Hospice. Hospice assessed her on May 6, and she was admitted to Hospice that day.

On May 13, we decided to move mom to new personal care facility. Jackson Oaks’ staff boxed her belongings and we met the movers and hospice transport people on May 19 at 9 am at Jackson Oaks. Mom was brought downstairs in her wheelchair. She was incoherent and her teeth were the color of cheddar cheese. She had vomit in her hair and feces under her fingernails. The bottoms of her feet were black.

This was when we discovered that Mom's right-hand ring, a 2-carat diamond from our Grandmother, was gone. When my sister last saw Mom (pre-Pandemic), she had the ring on her finger. Mom never took her rings off and became very agitated if we tried to take them away from her.

We filed a report with the Jefferson Police Department and Officer Grizzle. The response from the Executive Director was to hand us a copy of the policy that says Jackson Oaks is not liable for anything.

When Mom arrived at the new facility (5/19), their director was appalled. She confirmed that mom was filthy, had vomit in her hair and her teeth had not been brushed in a long time. She was in a fetal position. Mom was malnourished and vomited every time she was fed that day.

The staff gave her a shower and continued to feed her in small bites. By day 2 (5/20), mom was eating a bit more and sitting up. She actually made a craft that day. By day 3, (5/21), mom was eating more and keeping the food down.

Again, we have removed our mother from the situation. It is our hope that in writing this letter to you, we will prevent further mistreatment.


Liz Bobeck


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