Dear Editor: The theme of the Women’s Suffrage movement of the early 1900’s was “Vote—the route to power.”

Obviously, the Republican party understands that statement extremely well, which is why they are now attempting to go back to the old voting laws in Georgia, the ones which limited voting rights and tighten them even more.

As long as I can remember, Americans have been berated for NOT voting.

Now, with the highest number of people to EVER vote in elections this past year, Republicans are attempting to change the voting back like it was. Too many people voted and they think voter suppression will retain their control of power.

If you remember, Trump wanted to totally do away with elections because of the pandemic. A lot of Republicans thought that was a good idea also, but fortunately for the people, not enough to get that approved.

Rather, what happened, voting laws expanded in a way which gave us more freedom to exercise our right to vote. It expanded absentee voting to all qualified registered voters. It gave us 3 weeks of voting instead of one 12 hour day to get to the polls. It provided more drop boxes for absentee voters to use closer to their homes. Due to the fact that the US postal service was being dismantled and unable to deliver all of those ballots in time the drop boxes were necessary. Extra voting days and hours was also a good thing, because in 2016 our voting precincts went from 12 to 4 in Jackson County and many other counties decreased the number of their precincts as well. The voters in Georgia took advantage of these things.

The downside was that it put new and somewhat difficult pressure on our elections office workers. It also cost the state more. But it showed us all that when we really had the extra time given to us to vote and an alternate way to vote, we took advantage of it. Because of that, I would have thought our lawmakers would all be looking at more ways to make it even easier and better. Instead, the Republicans are drawing in the lines tighter to suppress us again.

According to Republicans, our votes were illegal, because of Donald Trump who claimed fraud in Georgia voting. If our presidential votes didn’t count, then neither do the Congressional and other offices votes count. You can’t have that both ways. And yet, Trumpers are doing just that and many of those Trumpers are our lawmakers.

In order to restore faith in the integrity of the system, some tweaking of the laws would be good, but some of these currently proposed laws are clearly designed for voter suppression.

The good and bad which happens in government happens whether we voice our opinions or not to those we have chosen to represent us. I would say mostly our silence is deafening, so they “party” as they want. Now is the time to speak up and let that party in Atlanta know how you feel about how they party.


Margaret Holifield



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Candy Sweppenheiser

Great letter! Thanks!

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