Dear Editor: More than 95,000 Georgians have tested positive for Coronavirus and more than 2,800 Georgians have died. The numbers of those testing positive continue at an accelerating rate. Georgia is not doing well in meeting this immense threat and continues to be submerged in an on-going economic disaster.

Under the leadership of Governor Kemp, Georgia is failing.

We can do much, much better. There are readily available examples of numerous states in the Northeast and nations within the European Union, Asia and elsewhere which have emerged from their own crises and are now well onto the road to economic recovery. What have these states and nations done that Georgia, under Governor Kemp's leadership, has failed to do?

They have successfully met the same challenges which continues to ravage our state, by choosing to adhere closely to the advice and guidance of healthcare experts. Choosing not to bow to political, partisan, or ideological pressures, they acted responsibly and have successfully created conditions for re-opening their economies.

It is long past time for Gov. Kemp to do the same. There is no excuse for our governor's continuing failure to put the health and welfare of our citizens first. If Governor Kemp refuses to do so, it will only continue the tidal wave of suffering, death and economic disaster for our state. It is essential for Kemp, however belatedly, to act as a responsible leader of our beloved state. Is it too much that we ask that he do so?


Peggy Perkins



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