Dear Editor:

Regarding Senator Tim Scott's Republican response to President Biden's speech to Congress last week, his beyond-the-scope comment that "America is not a racist country" is not the question.

Sen. Scott is not, to m y knowledge, related to me. My ancestors' slave ship docked at Jamestown and unloaded at the Carter Plantation at the mouth of the James River.

My mom's maiden name was Carter and my wife Betty and I visited Williamsburg and the Carter Plantation site in 1993 to view the landing area.

Sen. Scott is trying to make himself more acceptable to the Republican ultra-right wing by buying into their tactics — divide and persuade.

No logical Black American would espouse that America is a racist country. However, every logical and intelligent American – Black, white, yellow or red – must admit that there are some racist traits that continue to attract favor, such as voting rights impediments disguised as "Jim Crow Light" voter suppression; the racist code words and actions from government leaders such as Donald Trump which many of our citizens buy into; and some other factors in our society that deem promoting covert racism to a segment of our nation is profitable to wrap in the political party or a media package.

These are facts that Sen. Scott should focus on rather than do a camouflage job to divert from the job his subcommittee should be doing.

We need more political leaders to seek ways to build wholesome relationships, seek ways to correct any flaws in our democracy so that we all will pass a strong, diverse, prosperous America on to our posterity.

Our future is not about making Sen. Scott be more acceptable to those he wants to please. It is about Our Great Country, who I and millions of others love and want to see the end or decrease to America's greatest deterrent to a strong nation.

May God Bless America.


Jim Scott



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