Dear Editor:

Why not do your part to stop a Worldwide Pandemic and get your COVID Vaccine? I am confined to my home and have been for years due to a rare condition in which my immune system has been destroyed. I receive four IV treatments weekly. I find myself growing very angered at why people refuse to take a vaccine to end this pandemic. The CDC has enough data to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine, so why has only 16% of my fellow Banks Countians received their vaccines per (11/3/2021)? Why has 84% failed to do their part?

So many give the excuses: “I don’t know what it will do to my body? I want to have children some day? I don’t want something that was created in a lab so quickly because no one really knows what will happen to me?"

To my fellow Georgians who refuse the vaccine, I simply ask the questions … Do you take prescription meds? Do you take over the counter meds? Do you take cancer treatments? Would you take a Tetanus shot if you were injured and the doctor suggested you do so? Do you seek medical attention? If you answered “YES” to any of these, I would like to ask you if you have read all the possible side effects, long term effects, etc. of the meds or treatments you currently take?

The only difference in your taking daily or occasional meds and taking the COVID vaccine, is you would simply be doing your part to stop a “Worldwide Pandemic,”a tragic loss of lives, the loss of jobs and an economy that will suffer for years to come. Please do your part to end this pandemic today and get vaccinated! Be proactive and not reactive!


Wanda Greenway



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Adam Ledbetter

The pandemic is over. Covid and its variants will now be a part of our lives forever. The idea 365 million Americans are going to get vaccinated is a joke. Normal life is what we make it now!

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