Dear Editor: Last week on the opinion page, a letter to the editor asked the question, “Why would anyone vote for Trump?”

I would like to give my answer to that question.

I will vote for President Trump because I feel he is by far the best man for the job. I have lived through the administration of fourteen presidents beginning with FDR. From my own personal observation I believe .President Trump has done more for our country than any of the other thirteen with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan. He has lowered our taxes, strengthened our military, fixed the VA, stood up to China and North Korea, destroyed Isis, reduced federal regulations, and, among other things, lowered the trade deficit. He has started to secure our borders and would have done so if not for the opposition of the democrats. Under his administration our economy was the strongest ever until Covid-19 hit. Already the economy is making a great comeback. Although he has been severely criticized of his handling of the situation it would only be speculation to say someone else could have done better.

I will not be voting for Trump because I like him. In fact, he has some personality traits that I dislike. However I do not choose my mechanic because I like him. I choose him because I feel he can fix my car. I will vote for Trump because I believe he is on the right track to making America great again. I want to give him the opportunity to finish the job.

Now I have a question of my own. Why would anyone vote for Biden? It is my opinion they would vote for Biden if they want a leader who advocates higher taxes, more federal regulations, socialism, granting citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants, open borders, kowtowing to other nations, a weak military, defunding the police, a large trade deficit, seizure of our firearms, killing unborn babies, and describes rioting, looting, and destruction of property as peaceful protesting.

President Trump is a leader. We may not always like the way he leads but he can get the job done. Joe Biden is not a leader but he will be a figurehead controlled by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the radical left. Joe Biden changes his position on the issues faster and more often than the weather changes in Georgia. Compare his position during the primaries to where he says he stands now.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.


Jack Lawson



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Jon Oblesen

I like the metaphor you use with a car mechanic. It is appropriate given that car mechanics are often mistrusted for (allegedly) being deceptive and lying to convince unwitting motorists to purchase products / services they don’t want or need. I’m sure that wasn’t your intent.

I think if I was the average motorist and found out that there was a mechanic in town who had no formal experience in vehicle repair, had lied about the severity of people’s car issues in the past and told them to ignore the issues, and had no plans to keep your car running in the future except to say “I’m just going to do what we did last time”, it would give them pause about choosing that mechanic again. Anyone with a brain would look to see what other options are available.

That reminds me, I have an appointment with my mechanic coming up in early November. There’s this filthy orange residue that has been building up under the hood these last few years and I’m betting my mechanic, Joe, can flush it out to get my vehicle running right again.

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