Dear Editor:  I am thankful for a newspaper which prints political opinions from different perspectives. Jim Kinney’s editorial opinion in the September 4 Jackson Herald gives an interesting insight into how Trump supporters think — I appreciate his sharing.

Mr. Kinney, as many Republicans, truly believes that this president is undeservingly the most maligned, “picked on,” misrepresented president in the history of America and that the people who call him down for ANYTHING are “provocative, hateful, ignorant and a threat to democracy.”

His article seems to be about what is causing the severe divisions in American political society, and in doing so, places all the blame for the division strictly on the side of the Democratic Party. Period.

Yet, he admits the president's tweets are “divisive, full of coarse language, uncivil, demeaning and obviously misguided,” but accepts and excuses that.

Because Republicans seem to have such bad memories when it comes to remembering how disrespectful, racist, uncooperative, and demeaning they were to President Obama and his family, they continually claim Democrats are all of the above, for exposing this president for the ridiculous things he does and says, as though they did nothing but work with President Obama to be sure that government worked smoothly and moved ahead during that administration. They don’t seem to remember how "Moscow Mitch" swore publicly that he would do everything in his power to make President Obama a one term president. He did carry out his promise of total non-cooperation, but the people were wiser than him and kept Obama for another term.

During the Obama administration, I received Representative Doug Collins' emails regularly and they were always full of vile and hate concerning everything Obama and the Democrats proposed and tried to accomplish with Congress. Mr. Collins opposed EVERYTHING the Obama government suggested.

Yet, I never remember reading or hearing of Mr. Obama taking to social media to express his unhappiness with the treatment he received by the press, he did not publicly disparage his cabinet, Congressional members or leaders of other countries, as this president does. Had he done so, the Republicans would have jumped so far down his throat he would have choked to death. Since the Republicans refuse to censor this president in any form or fashion, thank God, the Democrats are trying!

What is sad and alarming about Mr. Kinney’s article is that he and his fellow Republicans continue to give this president permission to use social media to expose his meanness and stupidity and refuse to demand any restraint for anything illegal that he does.

I will list three of these most recent activities just as a reminder of some of the illegal things he has done.

1. Required the VP and his entourage to stay in his Trump resort while on a government business trip to Ireland. The resort is 140 miles away from Dublin, where the VP had to travel three times to conduct business. Taxpayers pick up the cost for the entourage & flights.

2. The president’s family business in D.C., the Trump International hotel was recently rented, very likely at the president’s suggestion, by Attorney General William Barr to throw a $30,000 party to the Trump family’s benefit.

3. On TV, the president suggested that the G-7 meet next year at his resort in Miami, which is not doing too well financially. This would be forcing foreign entities to pay money to the Trump organization, which is totally illegal. Where are the Republican voices decrying their president for breaking the law?

Add to that question, why do they not require the president to show some restraint in his policies which can cause death to children and young people who are here on visas for treatment of rare killer diseases? Why do they not take him to task for making hateful remarks about Congressional members, or leaders of foreign countries, or people with disabilities, or require him to censor Russia, or when he just lies about everything?

According to Mr. Kinney’s article, even though he believes the president has “stepped on his own message, wishes it would be less bombastic, cringes at his language,” he feels that “moving forward I will abstain from being critical of his use of social media to deliver his unfiltered message, warts and all.”

If this guy (Trump) really was making America great again, I could see this being OK. But our economy is starting to suffer due to his trade wars, America has lost all semblance of respect from the rest of the world (except from Russia), the ecological gains that had been made under the Obama administration have all but been destroyed and the world of the USA is coming unglued with hate and more violence than ever.

Shame on you Mr. Kinney for giving this man permission to continue to ruin my country and hurt the whole world by the policies he is expounding and allowing it to go backward, to make America great. . . . . . . .when?


Margaret Holifield


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