Dear Editor:

The old country saying,”do not put a Fox in the chicken coop” can be an interesting allegory to many situations. You know what a will do because of what it has done in the past.

Politicians will do the same as they have done in the past. If they have supported national park damage to produce fossil fuels and been complicit in withdrawing support for cleaner waterways including small streams they will do it again. If they have taken action to reduce affordable health care for poor people and have tried successfully to suppress the vote of some citizens in a true democracy they WILL do it again.

So don’t put foxes in the chicken coop. GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE, or do it again by mail for we do know what they will do because they have and will do the same thing again.

Foxes learn from other foxes and their masters. Our democracy is under attack and we, the voters, must defend it at all cost.


Paul Smith



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