Dear Editor:

As a 12-year taxpayer, I notice the road conditions fall below other counties.

Who is in charge? Seems like no one : Potholes, sinkholes, overall conditions are neglected, paving and general maintenance is not being managed well.

Being a gravel road resident, I see first hand the lack of correct action on road conditions. We call and report conditions, yet we wait and wait. When they do come, no correct action is taken. Yes, they bring the scraper out and run thru a couple of passes; that's it, over and over. The cost is not justified; ditches are left to only wash out time after time.

As the growth of this county continues, would it not make sense to invest in paving these roads and install water lines to gain more tax revenue?

The officials that oversee the road department need to get out of their office and follow up on the activity of the maintenance, or lack of. The taxpayers of Jackson County deserve their infrastructure to be maintained.

The residents of Jackson are getting fed up with the poor road conditions. Maybe the only action we can take as taxpayers will have to start at the voting polls.


Steve Borders


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Pete Fuller

I absolutely agree. We currently have a county commission that is behind the times and seems unprepared for the growth that is already coming. They've not planned for the repercussions of the warehouses, neither in the form of affordable housing for workers or the infrastructure when trucks use roads at the rate they do around those areas. You're very much right its time for new blood.

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