Dear Editor: President Trump often traffics in conspiracy theories. However, even conservative media outlets are saying that his latest accusation against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is ugly, even for him. Trump has been tweeting the suggestion that Mr. Scarborough had an affair with and murdered a young woman who worked for him while he served as a GOP Congressman.

There’s no evidence of foul play or an affair. The local coroner ruled that she fainted for an undiagnosed heart condition and died of head trauma. The parents and husband of the young woman have begged Twitter to correct Trump’s misleading fabricated gossip. Trump has only doubled down.

Trump’s refusal to delete the tweets and post the truth is one of the more despicable things he’s done. I’m sure there are some Trump devotees who enjoy this. There is a difference between mocking Mr. Scarborough’s ratings and hurting an innocent family with the memories of their daughter’s tragic death because of a petty feud.

To the people who like his policies, is this really the kind of person you want as President of the United States? Based on your values, when does his abhorrent behavior ever overshadow his accomplishments? Never? Debasing the office of the presidency and promoting division over unity is hurting our country.

 There is been no denouncement of Trump’s behavior from our preacher Congressman or our Christian Senators. Is their silence a reflection of their moral compasses and patriotism?


Jacqueline Elsner



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