Dear Editor: Finally, it appears Donald Trump is following his instincts and curtailing his own re-election chance.

It has been obvious since he took the infamous elevator ride that Trump cared nothing for truth or for his supporters.

Why would anyone vote for this man? He plainly is concerned only with his own "success" — as defined by his other world view (one completely divorced from the evidence).

From his belief that people only exist to serve his interest — as evidenced by the tapes he gave to Bob Woodward, or the number of people ("best" people) who have worked for him, first praised for their abilities and then relegated to a "disgruntled" employee (or some version of that), to his recent "positive" test for the coronavirus and the subsequent lack of truth about his condition — we should recognize his inability to see beyond his desires and "accomplishments."

We should also recognize that the Republican Party has become hostage to him and those elected with that label plainly believe he is best for the country.

The results of the election after Nov. 3 should be a blowout for Biden, not because he is the perfect candidate, but because he is so much better than the alternative.

I hope those who support Trump will look at his actions and hear his words -- the habit of talking out of both sides of his mouth so he can take whatever view is best at a particular time ought to give us a clue.


Ron Bridgeman


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Jon Oblesen

Recently my wife was at work and happened to be carrying some mail from home along with an Absentee Ballot that she planned on mailing out that day. A Trump acolyte in her office asked "What are you doing with one of those? Don't you know that's how they are going to try and steal our election?". That sounded strange to me when my wife told me about it. After I had some time to think about it though, I do think that her co-worker brought up an idea that is pervasive in the Trump devotee / GOP community-"your vote won't count unless you do it in person" (preferably on election day). My prediction for the election, for whatever its worth, is that Trump will do very well on Election Day and I would not be surprised if he is ahead of Biden by bedtime on November 3rd. But we will not know the winner until all the absentee ballots are counted and election officials / media outlets have indicated that final results may not be available until mid or even late November. Since more Democrats are planning to vote by mail, I predict votes for Biden will rise and he will eventually win with these votes. What troubles me is when I think of what steps the current administration may take if it appears that the tide is turning and election results are not going in their favor? Will they seek to nullify votes that were mailed in? Will they take their case to the SCOTUS, which by then will likely have a 6-3 Republican majority? Will either man concede when the final tallies are in? These questions remain to be answered but either way, I hope by late November we will all be giving thanks that this is over.

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