Dear Editor:

I appreciated your article, “What are My Politics.”

I related to the story, of being too conservative for the left and too liberal for the right.

I agree with you on your discussion of social issues and your statement “for the most part, government should stay out of policymaking that attempts to tell people how to live.” I agree that fiscally, “Governments should be accountable for how they spend our money.”

However, the characterization of the Libertarian view that “government should step back and let the survival of the fittest determine outcomes” is not, in fact the Libertarian view.

The Libertarian view is that every individual should have freedom and liberty to make decisions for themselves without interference from the government, as long as they do not cause harm to other individuals. The Libertarian view is not opposed to government in general, but supports that the role of government is the protection of individuals, their civil liberties, and their property. In that way, on social issues, as long you’re not harming others, government should stay out of the way. But also, on social issues, Libertarians advocate for the civil liberties of others, particularly minority groups, and people who cannot advocate for themselves. Said another way, four out of five people like democracy. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the freedom of the one who is outvoted by the four is not infringed upon.

On government fiscal issues, Libertarians agree with your view that the government should be accountable for the use of the people’s tax dollars. The Libertarian view is that taxation should be minimized and structured to allow people to retain the means to pursue their own happiness. Therefore, the first question that government should ask on an issue is whether or not it should be involved, and how involved should it be. If government is not the best solution, it should hold itself back from providing a mediocre solution and push for the best solution. As an example, government is not the best provider of health care, but it could put in place policies that encourage and remove barriers that prevent availability of health care at affordable prices. A government budget should not plan for long term deficits. Government debt straps future generations with tax burdens without their consent. The government should not be the source of harm of its citizens. It should offer equal protection to individuals and corporations, by providing laws and courts that render justice.

I agree that “government can’t solve all our problems. There has to be a balance between personal responsibility and public responsibility. And when government gets too powerful, too intrusive in our lives, it never ends well.” That is why, as a Libertarian, I support division of government power, and placing as much responsibility and sovereignty on the person as practical. A crowd of citizens will collectively make better decisions than a room of politicians. Freedom allows everyone the ability to uniquely take on the complex world we find ourselves in. It allows for people to better themselves and to help take care of the weakest among us. The best places to live are where people are the most free.


Jonathan Weaver



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