When you're dealing with politics, hyperbole is to be expected. Partisanship tends to cause normal people to exaggerate their views, both in favor of their cause and against those who oppose their cause. But such hyperbole has been taken to an entirely new level under President Donald Trump. If nothing else, Trump is a master of exaggeration and partisanship. Hyperbole is his go-to strategy in almost every situation.

And so it is with his diehard supporters, normal people who have gotten caught up in the "cult of Trump" and say things that, in more normal times, they'd never say.

Such was the case at a recent Jackson County Republican Party meeting where one of the speakers, Republican National Committee board member Jason Thompson, commented that the reason the "media" doesn't like Trump is because "Trump is a real man."

We've heard that phrase before. It comes from those who attempt to dismiss Trump's bluster as just what "real men" say and do.

But it's not. Trump is not a "real man." He is not a role model for any man or boy. If anything, he is the poster child of how not to act as a man.


Real men don't lie. Trump is a pathological liar. Over and over, Trump has exaggerated, distorted and lied about a number of topics. Nobody who values truth can believe anything Trump says. Congress doesn't believe him. Wall Street doesn't believe him. Foreign governments don't believe him. Real men value truth, not fiction.

Real men have courage. Trump is not courageous despite his bluster otherwise. When his country came calling during the Vietnam War, Trump didn't answer the call. Nor did he have the courage to openly oppose the war and march in the streets with his peers. Instead, he got a lame doctor's excuse that he had bone spurs in his feet and a medical deferment from having to serve. A man of courage would have either answered the call of his country, or actively opposed the war. Trump, the coward, did neither.

Real men aren't bullies. Trump is a bully. Trump makes up names for those he doesn't like, or who oppose his policies or politics. He rants, every day, about people who dare to challenge him. Real men don't act like they're in middle school.

Real men aren't spotlight clowns. Trump is the center of his own universe and wants everyone else to make him the center of their world, too. He loves the limelight and attention and complains bitterly that others don't give him enough credit for the "great" things he claims to have done. Real men are happy to share credit and don't hog the spotlight.

Real men aren't cheaters. Donald Trump is a lifelong cheater. He's cheated subcontractors out of millions of dollars over the years and stiffed others with insane claims (ie. Trump University). Trump also reportedly cheats at golf — a lot. Real men don't cheat at golf.

Real men know their limits. Donald Trump knows no limits and claims that he's always the smartest guy in the room. He says he knows more about the military than the generals in the U.S. Armed Forces. He pontificates on issues he knows nothing about. He won't listen to advice, or read briefing reports. Trump is all bluster because he's intellectually shallow. Real men don't show their ignorance by trying to bluster their way through life.

Real men respect women. Trump has zero respect for women. He degrades women with his words and his actions. To Trump, women are simply sex objects and should not be part of the decision-making process in the public arena. Some of Trump's harshest words have been aimed at women with whom he has had petulant disagreements. Real men don't engage in such petty squabbling.

Real men aren't racist. Trump has a long track record of stirring racial animosity, including his role in the fake "birtherism" movement aimed at former President Obama. His comments about the Charlottesville march and resulting death of a protestor were a low point, even for Trump. Real men respect others and don't degrade them.

Real men don't seek to stir ethnic hatred. Trump has attempted to stir hatred against immigrants, Muslims and other groups as a way to fire-up his base of supporters. Instead of working to bring people together and finding common ground, Trump seeks to divide people based on their ethnic or religious backgrounds. Real men seek unity and disdain hatred.

Real men don't complain all the time. Trump is a 24/7 whiner. He takes to Twitter in the middle of the night to complain about the his media coverage, or Democrats, or some foreign leader. Never in the history of the presidency has America had such a crybaby as president. Real men aren't snowflakes.

Real men don't cozy up to dictators and murders. Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are just two of the world's dictators that Trump has embraced. Real men don't need to embrace thugs to feel important.

Real men don't stab friends in the back. Trump has thrown more harsh words at America's allies than its enemies. He's trashed NATO and even taken on Canada — Canada! Real men don't trash-talk their friends.

Real men don't pick fights. Every day, Trump is picking a fight with someone, or some other country. China. Iran. Nancy Pelosi. The New York Times. Rosie O'Donnell. Doesn't matter who it is, Trump has to be in a brawl to feel important and in charge. Real men care more about getting along with others than fighting with others.

No, Trump isn't a "real man." He's an insecure little boy whose emotional instability is being played out on the world stage every day.

Those who attempt to deflect Trump's tirades by saying he's a "real man" aren't fooling anyone, except themselves.

No parent should want their son to grow up and be like Donald Trump.

No parent should want their daughter to marry a man like Donald Trump.

Whatever one might think of Trump's policies, it's impossible to embrace his character — or lack thereof.

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