This moment in our history means a national and yes an international recognition of our 401 year struggle to truly be "One Nation under God."

Our benevolent Declaration of Independence proclaims, "All Men are created equal," but we failed to implement this sacred oath in 1775.

Even the deaths of between 650,000-850,000 men in our Civil War, some blood kin, failed to shake us to overcome America's Greatest Sin — Racism.

Other wars were fought on foreign soil — 1917-1919 and 1941-1945 — were fought with black and white and Asian-Americans, but in mostly separate units wearing the same uniforms, bleeding the same red blood.

My dad and four uncles fought and served in WWII — but because of their skin color, they didn't have the right to vote, or be seated in the front of the Greyhound Bus, or in a comfortable rail passenger car.

I grew up in Frankfort, Kentucky, where during the war, I saw German SS prisoners of war enjoying ice cream seated in Maxine's — but because of my skin color, I had to order my cone from a window.

But these men, and 1.5 million other black men, served and fought without complaining or deserting.

Succeeding wars were fought with largely integrated troops, yet full citizenship was not provided until the 1960's — partially.

We must endeavor to assist, encourage and motivate every American, black, poor white, red, or yellow to reach their potential if we are to propel our vision to the world. This is America's mandate for having a "fruited plain."

This moment today provides all of us a time of reflection after some current horrible, well publicized racial "lynching" events.

I was rudely rebuked by a regional AM radio host for using that term. She did not fathom that "lynching" is the process, but different "tools" can be used in the 21st century — nor did she desire to consider that thought.

In my view, if we constantly, persistently explore and pursue the pure gold of building "relationships" with those who do not look like us, the color we are, don't give up on each other and be bold to reach across "The Gap" with equal, mutual respect and empathy, we can, with God's hand, heal our Land.

Many of my friends of all colors want to make our nation a special place. Ronald Reagan once said, " But anyone, from any corner of the Earth, can come to live in America and become an American".

We have no time for racism or silly political division — we have work to do.

God has blessed America. It is time that we give him his reward.

We have been — should be — can be — if we "reach out and touch someone." If we do, it is contagious. It will spread from the "outhouse, to the city house then to the White House." It is up to us to make our desires and demands for unity boldly known.

This is what this moment means to America. We are talking about our survival as a nation; for our posterity and their seed in decades to come.

Be a relationship champion for our God and our nation.

Jim Scott is president of Jackson County Community Outreach.


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