The Jackson County Sheriff's Office recently arrested an Acworth man on child molestation and statutory rape charges.

Christopher Austin Ringwalt, 23, 4807 Summerset Ct., Acworth was booked for aggravated child molestation, child molestation, aggravated sodomy and statutory rape.

Others recently arrested in the county were:


•Melissa Ann Adams, 35, 714 Will Maynard Rd., Winder — probation violation.

•Corey Landon Dearing, 37, 33 Hale Rd., Maysville — theft by receiving stolen property.

•Juan Carlos Espino, 23, 84 Hawks Ct., Nicholson — criminal damage to property, two counts of obstructing law enforcement officers, probation violation.

•Virgil Neal Griffin, 34, 65 Hillside Way, Maysville — criminal trespass.

•Sylvester William Jones, 38, 1988 Harris Rd., Starkville, Miss. — driving with a suspended license, failure to appear.

•Lindsi Jennifer Lee, 34, 700 Washington St., Gainesville — probation violation.

•Larry Donald McConnell, 62, 275 Joe Smith Rd., Mt. Airy — aggravated assault.

•Linda Ann Parham, 45, 39 East Pine Ave., Comer — probation violation.

•Tyler Henry Sexton, 30, 1315 Pocket Rd., Jefferson — possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime, two counts of violation the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.

•John William Wilkins, 39, 606 Brockton Loop, Jefferson — criminal trespass, simple battery.

•Oscar Manuel Zamora, 51, 4462 Waterworks Rd., Jefferson — held for another agency.

•Sterling Jermaine Billingsley, 21, 1040 Charity Dr., Greensboro — driving with a suspended license, entering or crossing roadway.

•James Scott Caylor, 29, 834 White Oak Ct., Lawrenceville — headlight requirement, driving with a suspended license.

•Jesse Adrian Falcon, 73, 63 Bellwood Rd., Jefferson – criminal trespass.

•William David Tirado Harron-Card, 22, 5894 Cleveland Hwy., Clermont — driving with a suspended license.

•William John LaDue, 55, 244 Washington Pkwy., Jefferson — distracted driving (cell phone), duty to stop at accident, failure to maintain lane, failure to obey stop sign, reckless driving, seatbelt violation, driving too fast for conditions.

•Juan Rafael Lopez-Fuentes, 18, 385 Academy Woods Dr. — driving without a license, following too closely.

•Tiffany Rena Sims, 37, 215 Sartain Dr., Athens — theft by shoplifting.

•Kobe Randell Westmoreland, 18, 181 Sycamore St., Homer — driving under the influence of alcohol under the age of 21, speeding (99 mph in a 70 mph zone).

•Chadtavious Trevon Adams, 24, 112 Oliver Cir., Jefferson — financial transaction card fraud.

•Jesse Ernest Harding, 46, 2190 Jackson Dr., Statham — probation violation.

•Benjamin Franklin Murphy, 23, 5657 Hwy. 29 South, Hull — battery.

•Kenneth Eldo Palmer Sr., 58, 256 Parks Dr., Dalohnega — three counts of identity fraud.

•Jeremy Lee Peck, 40, 15 Brumbalow Rd., Pendergrass — fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer, obstruction of law enforcement officers, driving with a suspended license, misuse of tag, parole violation, reckless driving.

•George Alvin Sebastian, 43, 105 Sandy Lane Ct., Jefferson — two counts of probation violation.

•Amanda Sheree Gilleland, 35, 110 Guy Maddox Rd., Braselton — probation violation.

•Taleigh Madison Barnes, 20, 172 Crestwood Cir., Commerce — possession of methamphetamine, possession of a Schedule IV drug (tramadol), possession of a firearm or knife during the commission or attempt to commit a crime, giving a false name or date of birth, theft by receiving stolen property.

•Zachary Adam Ebersole, 27, 71 New Liberty Church Rd., Braselton — electronic transmission of video or photo depicting nudity or sexually explicit content.

•Melinda Arlisa Harbinson, 47, 5931 Hubert Stephens Rd., Gainesville — probation violation.

•Taylor Thomas Branson McLeroy, 22, 549 Rock Forge Rd., Jefferson — possession of methamphetamine, possession of a Schedule IV controlled substance (tramadol), possession of a firearm or knife during the commission or attempt to commit a crime, possession of drug-related objects, theft by receiving stolen property.

•Brian Kevin Powers, 45, 7705 Maysville Rd., Maysville — incarceration order for veterans treatment court.

•Ronald Eric Boyer Jr., 22, 2570 Athens Hwy., Jefferson — aggravated stalking.


•Felix Gaitan-Gatica, 33, 1935 Kemp Dr., Cumming — driving without a license, expired tag.

•Kyle Lane Shipman, 21, 773 Ila Rd., Commerce — operating motorcycle without a helmet, driving without a license.

•Mark Rockwell Snowden, 39, 129 Magnolia Blossom Way, Athens — driving under the influence, failure to maintain lane, u-turn violation.


•Hayley Victoria Smith, 22, 40 Mountain View Cir., Covington — possession of cocaine, speeding.


•Deanna Michelle Bettis, 37, 597 Sanford Dr., Nicholson – possession of a Schedule II controlled substance (methamphetamine).

•Jason Ray Hill, 47, 104 Ila Rd., Commerce — possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), possession of drug-related objects.

•Adam Lee Prather, 46, 8618 Hwy. 29 North, Danielsville — possession of methamphetamine, possession and use of drug-related objects, open container violation, license and registration requirement penalties.

•William Brantley Adams Jr., 38, 322 Pine Cone Trail, Commerce — held for another agency.

•Brenda Hill Barker, 56, 201 South Main Street, Hull — criminal trespass.

•Anthony Edward Bettis, 35, 597 Sanford Dr., Nicholson — open container violation, held for another agency, operation of unauthorized vehicle.

•Luis Fernando Lucas Garcia, 22, 119 West Crovats St., LaGrange — driving without a license, open container violation, failure to maintain lane.

•Isiah Demetrius White, 21, 1912 Boars St., Harrisburg, Penn. — driving with a suspended license.

•Cody Lee Thomas, 22, 2425 Fisk Falls Dr., Braselton — possession of methamphetamine.

•Brian Cornelius Kelley, 47, 282 Reed St., Athens — disorderly conduct.


•Derek Lashon Kemp, 44, 4668 Jefferson River Rd., Jefferson — marijuana possession (less than one ounce), affixing materials that reduce or increase light transmission, windshield and windshield wiper violation, two counts of probation violation.


•Frances Moncreif Seymour, 50, 108 Charity Dr., Lavonia — driving on the wrong side of the roadway, driving under the influence.


•Jennifer Nicole Fowler, 29, 357 Red Oak Dr., Maysville — driving with a suspended license.


•Shanika Lynese Graham, 35, 2213 Alma Ct., Charlotte, N.C. — driving with a suspended license, speeding (79 mph in 55 mph zone).


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