On Wednesday, July 7, a City of Arcade employee reported damage at the City Park on Park St.

The employee found someone had drawn on a post to the pavilion and on the concrete floor with chalk, and drawn graffiti on another post with permanent marker.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and video is available for review.


Other incidents recently reported to the APD include:

•suspicious incident at Beyond Words Baptist Church, Arcade Park St., where a door was found un-secured.

•assist motorist having problems with their vehicle on Hwy. 129.

•abandoned vehicle on Damon Gause Bypass at Ethridge Rd.

•suspicious incident on Sandy Ln. Ct., where a man reported seeing a truck and a man at a vacant residence.

•aggravated assault – Family Violence Act (FVA) at an Athens Hwy. residence, where a domestic dispute was reported between a man and his son-in-law.

•harassment on Hickory Trl., where a man reported an on-going dispute with his neighbor.

•suspicious incident on River Meadows Dr., where a door was found open on a residence.

•theft by deception on Trotters Ct., where a man reported he believed he had been scammed out of $700 he had paid for a refrigerator that was for sale on Facebook MarketPlace.

•battery at a Rock Forge Ln. residence, where a dispute was reported between a man and woman.

•suspicious incident on Athens Hwy., where a door was found un-secured at a church.

•civil matter on Arcade Park St., where an employee and a customer at a landscaping company were in a dispute over the price of pine straw.

•criminal trespass on Grace Dr., where a dispute over family property was reported.

•assist motorist with a flat tire on Hwy. 129 South.

•motorist assist on Hwy. 129 North.

•assist medical unit at a White Oak Trl. residence, where a man cut his thumb opening a can of food.

•burglary at a Rock Forge Ct. residence, where a man reported someone had broke into his home and stole firearms and tools and a flat-screen TV.

•warrant executed on Hwy. 330 at the Barrow County line where a man was picked up from a Georgia State Patrol trooper.

•suspicious incident on Trotters Ridge Rd., where a juvenile was ringing a doorbell and running off.


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