A man on Rock Forge Ct. recently reported a scam call to the Arcade Police Department.

The man initially believed the caller who claimed to be with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. The caller told the man to go to a WalMart, CVS or Walgreens and wire $1,100 to him.

The man went to CVS while still on the phone with the caller and began to believe he was being scammed. The man said he stopped cooperating with the caller and the caller started yelling at him. The man said he yelled back at the caller before hanging up.


Arrests recently made by the Arcade PD were:

•Kimberly Marie Gent, 43, 100 Oak Hill Dr., Athens – warrant service.

•Marquice Fayezon Gillespie, 29, 173 Hunter Rd., Jefferson – warrant service.

•Hannah Lee, 25, 240 Swann Cir., Jefferson – warrant service.

•Michael Mahaffey, 29, 682 Timothy Rd., Athens – warrant service.

•Bradley Jay Sorbers, 60, 3315 Silver Creek Dr., Gainesville – warrant service.


Other incidents recently reported to the Arcade PD were:

•a woman on Hwy. 82 said “associations” have hacked her cell phone, internet and social media since her fiancé was sent to prison.

•stood by on Rock Forge Ln. while a man picked up a woman who was involved in a verbal dispute.

•assisted EMS on Rock Forge Ln. with a woman experiencing a medical episode which involved dizziness and high blood pressure.

•a man on Arcade Park St. complained about the mother of his child not meeting for a custody exchange.

•a woman on Rock Forge Ln. said her Social Security payee was refusing to give her Social Security money to her. The payee said her check hadn’t arrived yet.

•a man on Athens Hwy. “cursed” towards officers while holding a running chainsaw when the officer attempted to serve him court papers.

•a man on Tanglewood Rd. complained about neighbors making loud noises.

•a woman thought someone was outside her residence on Swann Rd.

•a woman on Trotters Tr. complained about neighbors dogs coming onto her property. She said one of the dogs killed one of her cats during a prior incident.

•two deceased dogs were found on Poppy Ct. One dog was shot and the other had indentions on its neck.

•complaints of people throwing knives at each other on Grace Dr. The subjects involved admitted to getting in an argument but denied throwing knives at each other.

•assisted EMS on Athens Hwy. with a man complaining about arm pains.

•a woman on Trotters Tc. Complained about a neighbor’s dog being in her yard.

•assisted the Georgia State patrol with a vehicle accident on Hwy. 129.


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