The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested 47 people during the past week, including the following: •Antonio Daniel Damons, 19, 122 Storey Street, Jefferson, no proof of insurance, suspended registration, no seatbelt and contraband across guard line.

•Michael Scott Dodd, 36, 1721 Young Harris Road, Commerce, theft by deception.

•Cordevro Chrishon Riley, 21, 133 North Ridge Drive, Winder, violation of parole.

•Julius Lafayette Sewell, 27, 51 Jennings Lane, violation of probation.

•Michael Blake Shinall, 22, 216 Magnolia Pointe Drive, Jefferson, violation of probation.

•Jessica Renee Dyer, 28, 80 Orrs School Road, Jefferson, theft by deception.

•Ken Tyree Neal, 33, 1092 Trayhamn Road, Commerce, two counts of abandonment of a minor child.

•John David Andrews, 36, 1167 Dry Pond Road, Jefferson, simple battery.

•Isabelle Holland Cantin, 18, 4981 Colham Ferry Road, Watkinsville, no insurance and suspended registration.

•Jack Michael Crump, 51, 221 Cabin Creek Drive, Nicholson, theft by deception.

•William Franklin Griggs, 36, 683 Mill Road, Hamlet, N.C., reckless driving, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer.

•Patricia Ann Gunnells, 69, 88 Chestnut Street, Commerce, violation of probation and issuance of bad checks.

•Charles Jones, 40, 1430 Diplomat Drive, Riverdale, violation of probation.

•Jimmy Myron Kitchens, 24, 570 Panhandle Circle, Maysville, simple battery.

•Kevin Wayne Kitchens, 38, 544 Harris Lord Cemetery Road, Commerce, four counts of violation of probation.

•Shanna Gail Looney, 21, 9455 Jefferson Road, Athens, battery and two counts of cruelty to children.

•Billy Eugene Martin Jr., 34, 2930 Commerce Road, Jefferson, battery.

•Scott Kenneth Rutledge, 45, no address, violation of probation.

•John David Nigreville, 54, 136 Victoria Way, Commerce, burglary.

•Daniel Jesse Bell, 23, 728 Smith Cemetery Road, Winder, two counts of obstruction with violence and violation of probation.

•Myles West Brown, 22, 149 Herring Street, Athens, robbery.

•Bobby Dwayne Martin, 40, 1214 Cabbots Drive, Auburn, two counts of violation of probation.

•Howard Eugene Perry Jr., 44, 4673 Turning Leaf Drive, Gillsville, operating unregistered vehicle, use of license plate to conceal or misrepresent and theft by receiving stolen property.

•Terry William Rutledge Sr., 49, 4658 Old Pendergrass Road, Jefferson, violation of probation.

•Daniel Adam Simmons, 23, 2211 Sandy Creek Road, Commerce, violation of probation.

•Franklin Lamar Stringer, 45, 2593 Old State Road, Pendergrass, violation of probation.

•Mark Evan Sweat, 25, 1515 Louise Drive, Jacksonville, Ala., violation of probation.

•John Mercer Wooten, 48, 5804 Lexington Road, Winterville, issuance of bad checks.

•Maria Louise Fielder, 35, 122 Row Howington Road, Commerce, failure to appear.

•Helen Elizabeth Hayes, 32, 799 Sosebee Road, Talmo, child support arrest orders.

•Donald Leo Holt Jr., 48, 254 Nick Duck Road, Braselton, violation of probation.

•Phillip Virgil Massey, 44, 268 Thyatira Brockton Road, Jefferson, violation of Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act.

•Christopher Lee Presley, 25, 494 Highway 82 South, Arcade, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

•Katie Allison Winn, 26, 243 Sherwood Road, Belton, S.C., failure to appear.

•Robert Allen Griffin, 58, 7038 Clay Circle, Macon, fleeing or attempting to elude law enforcement officer and speeding.

•Jamie Susan Peck, 44, 4450 Birch Bay Lynden Road, Blaine, Wash., violation of Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act.

•James Wilburn Alexander, 31, 77 Short Cut Road, Nicholson, disorderly conduct.

•Gisela Louise Bray, 19, 325 Steeple Chase Road, Nicholson, deposit account fraud.

•Keven Bryan Carlan, 44, 254 Chatham Road, Homer, child support arrest orders.

•Kelly June Gilleland, 41, 180 Unity Church Circle, Maysville, possession of methamphetamine, two counts of violation of Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act, possession of drug-related objects and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

•James Edward Harrison Sr., 49, 165 Fuller Road, Lot 105, Athens, violation of probation.

•Roberto Hernandez Jr., 19, 338 Panhandle Circle, Maysville, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of drug-related objects.

•Clarence Harold Poole, 55, 165 Fuller Road, Lot 105, Athens, violation of probation.

•Angela Joy Stanley, 34, 265 Louise Drive, Commerce, violation of probation.

•Carlos Yanez Tiburcio, 31, 1944 Oak Grove Road, Lot 23, Athens, violation of probation.

•Kimberley Ann Williams, 40, 170 Norman Road, Athens, violation of probation and two counts of violation of compulsory school attendance.

•Christy Nicole Streetman, 26, 569 Deadwyler Road, Maysville, sale of a controlled substance.

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