An Atlanta man told Commerce Police Department officers that he had been kidnapped by two men at gunpoint from his apartment.

Officers responding to the Love’s Travel Stop on Maysville Rd. found the 35-year-old lying on the floor with scrapes on his arms and hands, and scrapes and bruising on his stomach.

The man told officers he owed one of the two men that kidnapped him a small amount of money. He said they robbed him before he jumped out of the Cadillac Escalade they were driving and fled. The victim was not wearing any shoes and he told officers they were “somewhere on the road.”

A witness said he saw the man come in the travel stop and he said that someone was after him and for them to lock the doors and that someone had put something in his drink.

The man was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.


Other incidents recently reported to the CPD include:

•criminal damage to property and simple battery at Strange Duck Brewing Company, Old Allen Rd., Commerce, where a man reported his truck had been keyed and the individuals responsible had attempted to run over him and his mother.

•driving without a valid driver’s license, headlight requirements violation and damage to property on Interstate 85 North, Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•criminal trespass at a Belmont St., Commerce, residence, where a burglary was reported.

•missing person at Fast and Friendly, Ila Rd., Commerce, where an 86-year-old man reported missing out of South Carolina was found.

•Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol, failure to yield for authorized emergency vehicle, open container violation, failure to maintain lane, brake lights/signal device requirements violation and driving without a valid driver’s license on Hwy. 441 South at Hwy. 98 West, Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•harassing communications at a Huntington Ln., Commerce, residence, where a man reported a female that also lived at this residence had been sending him harassing texts.

•DUI -refusal, driving on the wrong side of the road and operation of vehicle without a valid tag/decal on Hwy. 441 North at Old Allen Rd., Commerce, where a traffic stop was conducted.

•identity theft fraud to create/use/possess at a Cotton St., Commerce, residence, where a man reported receiving notice that he had a $322 payment due on a $66,000 loan that he did not make.

•theft by taking at a Carson St., Commerce, residence, where a woman reported the theft of a Husqvarna string trimmer.


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