A road rage incident in Jefferson reportedly ended with a racial slur and threats of gun violence.

According to a recent incident report, a man said he was driving on Hog Mountain Rd. when an SUV began tailgating his vehicle. He started to turn left into his driveway when the other motorist swerved around him, crossing a double-yellow line. The man said he blew his horn at the motorist, who reversed the vehicle, stopped in front of his driveway and confronted him.

He said a Black female yelled, “Do you have a problem?”

The man said he told her kids lived nearby and “there was no need to drive erratically.”

According to the man, the woman said she didn’t care about the “dumba——“ who lived around there, and said she had a family emergency. He said she then told him he was lucky she didn’t have her gun “because I would blast a hole in your cracker a—.”

As she began to drive off, the man said she yelled, “I know where you live at, mother———.”

The man provided a deputy with a photo of the vehicle’s identification and said he wanted to press charges against the woman.


The following incident was recently reported to the JCSO in Arcade:

•financial transaction card fraud where the Arcade police reported three unauthorized transactions, totaling $394, on a city-issued credit card. All purchases were made in the Atlanta area. The city administrator noticed the three charges did not have receipts, according to the incident report.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce:

•financial transaction card fraud on Maryville Rd. where a woman said a card used to purchase a $1,225 Audi A6 headlight was declined due to card fraud reported by the credit card institution.

•theft by taking on Cabin Creek Rd. where a dump trailer was reported stolen.

•dispute on Old Airport Rd. where a man said his neighbor yelled at him and challenged him to a fight. The neighbor said the man yelled at his sister and had made sexual comments toward his wife in the past. He also said the man challenge him to a fight.

•theft by taking on B. Wilson Rd. where a man said a woman used his debit card to withdraw $300 when he’d given her permission to take only $30. The man said he has been unable to contact the woman. The woman called the man while he was talking to a deputy about the alleged theft and told him that she had his card but denied taking the money.

•dispute on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. where multiple people were reportedly irate and causing a disturbance regarding a lost cell phone.

•dispute on Old Hoods Mill Rd. where a woman said a man at her residence had been using drugs and didn’t want him around her children.

•animal complaint on Joe Bolton Rd. where a man said a large pit bull chased him onto his porch and had been at his residence for over three hours.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Jefferson:

•agency assist on Elberta Dr. where a woman reportedly had a firearm and threatened to commit suicide. The woman came outside of the residence unarmed.

•dispute on Redstone Rd. where a man reported his gun missing. The man said he suspected his wife, whom he is divorcing, stole the weapon.

•information on Jackson Pkwy. where a loaded firearm inside a holster was found laying on the road.

•death investigation (non-murder) on Clover Mill Dr. where a man said he found his mother on the floor next to her bed, cold to the touch. He said his mother had no medical history, having not seen a doctor since childhood, and had grown more frail in the last year.

•burglary on Lebanon Church Rd. where a woman said someone broke into her shed and took one compound saw and three chainsaws.

•deceptive inducement of installation of software where a woman said a total of $2,050 was withdrawn from multiple accounts without her permission.

•financial transaction card fraud on Hwy. 124 where a man said someone charged $100 to his credit card three times following the purchase of a cell phone case.

•theft by taking on Adams Rd. where a man said his battery charger was stolen. He also said a tiller and battery charger had been stolen from him previously.

•disturbance on Brockton Loop where a person reported that people were shooting guns “in an unsafe manner” toward his property. He said he worried they were going to kill is cattle “or worse.”

•dispute on Lester Wood Rd. where a woman said her husband was “acting crazy” and making suicidal threats. The woman said this had been going on for three days. The man told a deputy that his wife “was crazy” and said he was not going to harm himself.

•animal complaint on Walbler Dr. where a dog that had reportedly attacked a child previously was seen walking around.

•welfare check on Tysor Ct. where a man said he suspected his ex-wife, whom he said was alcoholic, of abusing their children. A deputy conducted a welfare check at the residence and reported no signs of abuse.

•burglary on Traditions Way where someone took the alarm system key pad from a home under construction.

•information on Lavista Rd. where a man was reportedly riding a loud dirt bike recklessly.

•information on McMullan Rd. where a deputy said the left front fender of his patrol car was struck by a truck at the intersection of Commerce Rd. No injuries were reported.

•family violence on Hwy. 82 North where a woman said her boyfriend threatened her and threw a bottle at her, though it didn’t strike her. The woman said she then began walking down he road and said the man came after her and nearly hit her with his car. The woman said the man had cussed at her and called her names the previous day over an argument over money.

•dispute on Etheridge Rd. where a woman was reportedly being attacked by her husband, who had a gun pointed at her. The man said the dispute began when she said she drank all his alcohol. The woman said he struck her in the face and on the arm, though the responding deputy reported no markings or signs of a physical dispute. She said he then removed a firearm from his pockets and followed her around the house with the firearm, threatening her. Due to lack of evidence for an arrest, the deputy separated the two for the night.

•aggravated battery on McDonald Farm Rd. where a woman, who sought help at a Gordon St. medical station, suffered serious injuries after reportedly being attacked by her husband and son. She said the two returned home and assumed she was under the influence of drugs while watching children at the residence. The woman said her son punched her in the left eye and believes that her husband struck her in the back of the head. Medical personnel said the back of the woman’s head appeared to be fractured, causing a disfigurement of her skull. They also said the woman’s teeth were visible inside the orifice of her mouth. The woman was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center for treatment of her injuries.

•burglary on Payneville Rd. where a man said an AC recovery charging machine and some of his hand tools were stolen from his in-law’s shop. Another man working on the site a day earlier also reported having tools stolen, saying his vehicle was entered and noticed his welding helmet and two lottery tickets missing.

•suspicious activity on Winder Hwy. where a man was seen walking on the side of the road carrying an AR-15 style rifle. The man said he was going to confront people who were destroying his property, but the individuals had already left the location. He told a deputy that he did not intend to scare anyone, but wanted to protect his property. The deputy told him contact law enforcement if he had any issues in the future.

•welfare check on Billie Dean Dr. where a woman was reportedly threatening to harm herself. The woman said she was “going through a rough time” but said she did not want hurt herself or end her life.

•entering automobile on Sandstone Tr. where a man found the center console of his vehicle open but nothing stolen. A person at a neighboring residence on the street also reported that his automobile had been entered with nothing taken.

•information on River Rock Cir. where woman said she had video footage related to recent incidents of people entering automobiles. She said her cameras caught two suspects getting out of a vehicle and trying to enter vehicles in the neighborhood.

•entering automobile on Rachel View Ct. where a woman said someone had gone through her daughter’s vehicle but had not taken any items.

•entering automobile on Rachel View Ct. where a man said some had gone through his truck and taken $900 in cash and a handgun.

•suspicious activity on Winder Hwy. where a woman said she was followed from her home by a male in a car to a gas station. She said the man made a U-turn as she was leaving her subdivision and got behind her. She said he followed her to the gas station and parked a few pump stalls down from her. The woman said she felt the car intentionally followed her because her husband is in law enforcement. She added she feels like they’re being targeted and is concerns about “threats made by BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa.” The man, who allegedly followed the woman, reportedly left the gas station without paying for his fuel.

•information on Ford Rd. where a man requested an extra patrol on the road due to suspicious people “possibly interested in nefarious activities in the area.”

•agency assist on Jefferson River Rd. where a stolen vehicle was located behind a church.

•hit-and-run on Dry Pond Rd. where a truck reportedly ran over a fire hydrant, causing water to spray. The responding deputy viewed video footage that showed the rear axels of a tractor trailer run over the hydrant.

•hit-and-run on Lewis Roberts Rd. at Summit Chase Dr. where a two-vehicle accident occurred with no injuries, with one of the drivers leaving the scene.

•loitering or prowling on Traditions Way where two men sitting in a car in Traditions of Braselton subdivision reportedly had a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. The owner of the car was asked to destroy the marijuana, a bowl and grinder and throw the bowl and grinder in a trash can. Both occupants appeared to be under the influence of marijuana, according to the incident report, and were asked to find a ride home.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Maysville:

•suspicious activity on Unity Church Cir. where a man reportedly a man carrying a clipboard tried to enter a woman’s house to fill out paper work. The woman said the assumed the man mistook her for her roommate. The woman said her roommate told her she wasn’t expecting anyone, nor had she signed up for anything.

•agency assist on Hidden Meadows Dr. where a woman said someone sent her nude photos of herself through a SnapChat message. She said the person threatened to post the photos online unless she met their demands, which were never specified.

•agency assist on Sliver Spur Way where a 78-year-old man fell and hit his head. Emergency medical personnel were called to the scene.

•suspicious activity on Green Hill Ct. where a woman reported a car door shutting and dogs barking at the front of her residence. A deputy was unable to find anyone in the area.

•simple battery and criminal trespass on Yarbrough Ridgeway Rd. where a former tenant at a residence reportedly punched a woman in the mouth for telling her to leave the property. The former tenant also reportedly damaged the woman’s windshield wiper during the incident. The former tenant had reportedly come to the residence to gather items from a camper on the property in which she use to reside.

•damage to property on Diamond Hill Rd. where a man said he found his mail box post knocked down and his mail box crushed. He also said the wood building surrounding his well pump was flipped over and destroyed while piping to the well pump was broken and the power lines to the pump were cut. A front bedroom window was reportedly broken and power wires running from the residence to the barn has been cut and taken as well. The man said he believes a tenant he recently evicted was responsible for the damage. The tenant had threatened, via text, to take the door off the house and take out the well pump, according to the man.

•arson and theft by taking on Yarbrough Ridgeway Dr. where a man said his ex-girlfriend set fire to a curtain in his camper, which caused interior damage to the residence. He also said his wallet and $300 was missing.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Nicholson:

•dispute on Hunter’s Ridge Ln. where a man said his girlfriend’s mother threw a child carseat into a yard, took it apart and yelled that it was covered with bedbugs. The man said she also yelled at both him and his girlfriend.

•harassing communications on Foxfire Dr. where the complainant said that a woman has been sending messages to her family, including one that alleged that the complainant was being beaten.

•dispute on Hawks Ct. where a woman confronted a man for reportedly yelling to her 14-year-old daughter, “Hey sweet thing, let me holler at you.” The man also reportedly attempted to get the juvenile to come to the roadside to talk to him. The woman informed the man of her daughter’s age and told him to leave her alone, to which the man reportedly said he thought the juvenile was an adult. A deputy talked to the man, who said he was driving a four-wheeler and yelled at the juvenile to get her attention to avoid hitting her in the roadway.

•simple battery on Blackthorne Rd. where a 17-year-old woman said her 16-year-old boyfriend hit her in the head and on the right shoulder during an argument. The woman went to the hospital three days later due to pain from her injuries.

•terroristic threats and acts on Sanford Dr. where a woman said her soon-to-be ex-son-in-law threatened to burn her house down over some property of his. She said her daughter also received a text from the man, saying “you will burn for this one” and “they coming for you.”

•criminal trespass on Woodpecker Ln. where a woman said she believes her husband, whom she is divorcing, came to her house and damaged several items there.

•burglary on Old Kings Bridge Rd. where a man said someone entered his back porch and stole multiple items.

•suspicious activity on Brockton Rd. where two complaints said they had video surveillance of two people coming on to their property.

•damage to property on Broad St. where a man, who was about to pump gas, said his truck rolled over his leg and then into another truck parked at a gas station. The man refused transportation to the hospital.

•entering automobile on J.S. Williamson Ct. where a man discovered that someone unsuccessfully attempted to steal his Jeep.

•burglary on Hwy. 334 where a woman said someone appeared to have entered her residence and “partied there all night.” The partiers apparently cooked and ate her food in the refrigerator, drank alcohol in the cabinet and left beer cans in the hot tub and fire pit. The hot tub and shower both appear to have been used. The woman also reported two motorcycles were stolen and $65 in cash was taken from her son’s wallet. No finger prints were discovered at the scene, with items apparently being washed or wiped down. A bloody towel was discovered in the laundry room, however. The woman and her father both believed that the woman’s brother was responsible for the break-in and subsequent party. The woman said her brother is out on bond after nearly beating a man to death in Hall County a few months ago. The woman later said, however, that she spoke to her ex-husband’s son, who said he and several other juveniles were at the residence during that span of time. He said he did not know who stole the motorcycles.

•battery on Sanford Rd. where a woman reportedly hit both her mother and father during a dispute and then got a kitchen knife and told her father that she would cut her wrists. The woman agreed to be transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation over being taken to jail on battery charges.

•suspicious activity on Jims Ln. where a male and female were reportedly heard arguing, with one of them mentioning killing someone. Both people denied any argument or threats of violence.

•operating a motor vehicle without a license plate or registration and driving without a license on Stapler Dr. where a man driving a motorcycle was cited for the infractions for not having a Class M or MP permit.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in North Jackson:

•simple assault on Wayne Poultry Rd. where a hispanic male who didn’t speak English said through an interpreter that he was attacked by a co-worker at a farming operation. The man said the co-worker put his hands on him and made threatening gestures. He said thought the co-worker was going to hit him. The man also said the co-worker regularly harasses him at work, spraying him with water, cursing at him and using racial slurs. The man’s supervisor said he reviewed footage and said it appeared as though the complainant was the actual aggressor, saying he believed the complainant had “had enough of the alleged harassment.”

•theft by taking on Hwy. 60 where a woman said someone stole her driver side rear tire and four unactivated cell phones.

•welfare check on Pleasant Hill Rd. where a deputy responded to a report of a woman and her children being beaten by a man at the residence. The woman said the report was untrue. The deputy also reported that he did not observe any signs that the children had been beaten.

•suicide threats on Buffington Dr. where a man, who is in bad health, reportedly said he was going to take a handful of pills to kill himself. The man told the responding deputy that he did not what to hurt himself and allowed emergency medical services take him to Northeast Georgia Hospital in Gainesville for evaluation.

•information on Holly Spring Rd. where a man reported a stolen wallet. He said video footage shows someone picked up the lost wallet and possibly used the cash within it.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in South Jackson:

•welfare check on Moore Rd. where a juvenile reported a white ball of heroin and a spoon on the front porch of a residence. A deputy talked to two juveniles at the residence and both said their mother and her boyfriend “do drugs, then sleep, all day.” A deputy was called the residence several hours later in response to an unspecified disturbance reported by a caller.

•welfare check on Mary Collier Rd. where a man reportedly hadn’t taken his mental health medications for about a week and was being argumentative and trying to destroy things. The responding deputy found the man laying in a fetal position. The man said he did not want to kill or harm himself.

•theft by taking on Ethridge Rd. where a man said two wheels were stolen off his trailer.

•suspicious activity on Marie Ct. where a heavily-intoxicated woman said she didn’t know where she was. She was located by a deputy in the woods of a backyard, tangled in thorn bushes. She was removed from the bushes and later transported to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•theft by taking on Commerce Rd. where a man said someone entered his wife’s vehicle and stole her phone. He said he called his wife’s number and spoke to a man and told him he needed to give the phone back. The person said that he had found the phone, so it was his.

•suspicious activity on Woods Edge Dr. where a woman reported a “suspicious person” on her back porch. The man told the responding deputy that he was trying to give a man who lives there a ride to work. Both residents said they didn’t want the man on their property. He was issued a criminal trespass warning.


The following incidents were recently reported to the JCSO in Braselton and Hoschton:

•suicide threats on Stoneview Dr. where a man called a crisis line. He said he didn't intend for officers to respond, he just wanted to speak to someone about suicidal thoughts.

•information on Hickory Bluff where a man reported someone broke into his daughter's room through a window and said he had the man on the ground. The daughter had invited the man to the house.

•damage to property on Seattle Slew Walk where a woman suspected her neighbor damaged her vehicle while cutting grass.

•agency assist on Rivermoor Dr. where Jackson County and Hall County deputies assisted the Braselton Police Department with multiple entering autos. One person was handcuffed and taken to a BPD patrol car.

•mental subject on West Jackson Rd. where a man with Parkinson's Disease became aggressive and was ultimately taken to the hospital.

•information on Ward Rd. where a man had an accident on his dirt bike and was bleeding from his head. A family member took him to the hospital.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 53 where a deputy found needles and suspected methamphetamine in a bathroom.

•battery on Johnson Dr. where a juvenile hit her father during an argument before going to the garage to cool off. The juvenile's stepmother reportedly came in and tackled her to the ground, causing a knee injury.

•theft by taking on West Broad St. where a man reported $30 worth of coins was missing from his vehicle after it was towed.

•dispute on Briarwood Ct. where a man and woman were involved in an argument and the woman said the man bumped her, but the man denied it and officers didn't see any evidence of a physical altercation.

•dispute on Ednaville Rd. where a man said a vehicle tailgated him and when he stopped, the driver confronted him and said "I think you're the person who shot my dog." The complainant drove away to prevent any further issues.

•pointing a gun or pistol at another and aggravated assault on Indian Creek Trail where a juvenile reportedly pointed a shotgun at another juvenile. The complainant said she didn't think the other juvenile was going to hurt her and that he had been joking because he was giggling during the incident. A family member came to pick up the female juvenile from the scene. Investigators were called.

•dispute on Stoneview Dr. where a father and son argued and a physical altercation took place.

•civil matter on West Jefferson St. where a man reported his motorcycle was missing.

•civil matter on Hwy. 124 where a couple had a custody dispute.

•suspicious activity on Hwy. 124 where a man was walking to work. Officers gave him a courtesy ride.

•death investigation on Jackson Trail Rd. where a woman with multiple health issues died.


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