A manager at Polo Ralph Lauren at the Tanger Outlet Mall believes two men used booster bags to help steal $1,200 worth of clothing recently and reported the incident to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

The manager said the men entered the store with a large red bag and went to the women’s department and started moving items around. The men are seen on camera putting three jackets worth $400 each into bags before leaving the store.

He believes the bags used were “booster bags” because the theft alarm wasn’t triggered when the men left the store. A booster bag is any bag lined with layers of aluminum foil which keep the security panels from detecting sensor tags.


Other incidents recently reported to the JCSO in Commerce were:

•a woman on Groaning Rock Rd. complained about harassment from her mother and her mother’s boyfriend after she filed temporary protection orders on both of them.

•a man on Martin Luther King Dr., complained about a woman constantly asking him for money at his residence and his place of work.

•assisted the fire department with a residential fire on Groaning Rock Rd.

•a manager at a Tanger Outlet Mall store complained about a man calling the store and sexually harassing her.

•a student at East Jackson Comprehensive High School was caught with a vape pen.

•a man complained about a tractor trailer driver on I-85 attempting to drive him off the road and throwing a piece of fruit at his vehicle.

•a woman on Wilson Garage Rd. complained about a friend sending her a video on Facebook of a child being abused. The friend said she didn’t send the video and her Facebook account was hacked.

•complaints of people being rowdy on Steven B. Tanger Blvd.

•a manager at Tommy Hilfiger at the Tanger Outlet mall caught a teen stealing three clothing items. The teen’s friends caught him outside the store and brought the items back.

•a man complained about a trailer parked on his property on Old Ginn Rd.

•assisted the Georgia State Patrol with a vehicle accident on I-85.

•a woman on Apple Valley Rd. complained about a neighbor’s dog barking at her guest.

•reports of a vehicle parked on Woods Bridge Rd.

•a woman on Huntington Rd. complained about her estranged husband taking items he wasn’t supposed to when he arrived to retrieve his belongings.

•employees at a store on Steven B. Tanger Blvd. suspected a woman of shoplifting. A theft was not caught on security cameras but they described the woman’s behavior as being suspicious.


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