Jefferson Police Department officers recently responded to South State Bank on Memorial Dr. where a woman attempted to withdraw $7,000 out of a bank account which was flagged for fraudulent activity.

Kimberly Ruth Edgington, 51, 1415 Harrison St., Oakland, Calif. had a fake driver’s license and she attempted to withdraw money from an account under the name on the license. She initially told officers her name was the name on the license, but she eventually told them her real name.

The bank teller refused to give Edgington money and she called 911 when Edgington walked out of the bank, leaving the license on the desk.

Edgington had successfully withdrawn $7,500 at a bank in Gainesville earlier in the day, according to the Gainesville Police Department. She was arrested and charged with third degree forgery.


JPD officers recently responded to a vehicle accident on Hwy. 129 near H.D. Robinson Blvd. involving an Athens-Clarke County Police Department vehicle. Georgia State Patrol also responded to the incident.

The other vehicle spun into a field off of Hwy. 129 and the responding officer saw the passenger Esleyter Oriel Miranda-Lopez, 19, 917 Georgia Ave., LaGrange, outside the vehicle urinating. Miranda-Lopez appeared to be intoxicated because he was reportedly stumbling and struggling to walk. He also had a bottle of beer in his hand and was drinking it in front of officers.

The ACCPD officer was uninjured, but his juvenile transport was checked for a mouth injury. Miranda-Lopez was arrested and charged with public drunkenness and indecent exposure. He continued urinating on himself inside the police vehicle and was kicking the partition between the back seat and front seat in the vehicle, officials say.


Other arrests recently made by the Jefferson PD were:

•Jeffrey Lawrence Ignash, 42, 52 Helena Way, Jefferson – criminal trespass.

•Celcilia Smith, 49, 202 North Bluff Rd., Athens – warrant service.


Incidents recently reported to the Jefferson PD were:

•assisted the fire department with a fire at the Pendergrass Flea Market on Hwy. 129. The fire damaged the front porch and part of the front of the building, but the structure of the building was unharmed.

•dispute between a married couple on Cheatham Bluff.

•a building caught on fire on Benton Rd. A man was seen lying in the middle of the road near the building, but there was no proof the man started the fire.

•a man reported a television stolen from a residence he owns on Peach Hill Dr.

•hit and run on Hog Mountain Rd. where the side mirror of one vehicle hit the side mirror on another vehicle.

•a woman on Holders Siding Rd. found a backpack near the woods on her property. Inside the bag was a night vision scope, three glass jars, a crowbar and a tire iron.

•a man on Pine St. received a call from a man claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service telling him his vehicle was recovered in Texas with cocaine and several credit cards. The caller asked the man for the last four digits of his Social Security number, which the man provided.

•dispute between a mother and son on Clay Dr. where both claimed the other was disrespectful towards them.

•a woman on Jefferson Walk Cir. complained about her estranged husband leaving sticky notes around their residence saying that she is a bad mother.

•a man on Mimosa Way said he noticed two checking accounts were fraudulently opened in his name when he checked his mail.

•a woman on Oak St. reported her purse and two grocery bags stolen from her vehicle.

•rear-end accident in a turning lane on Hwy. 129.

•vehicle accident with a deer on Hwy. 15.

•a vehicle on Sycamore St. lost control while turning onto Danielsville St. and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

•a driver pulling out of Jett Roberts Rd. failed to yield to oncoming traffic on Dry Pond Rd. and was side-swiped by an oncoming vehicle.

•a vehicle performing a U-turn on Hwy. 129 struck an oncoming vehicle sending that vehicle into a third vehicle at a red light on Hog Mountain Rd.

•a driver fell asleep at the wheel on Sycamore St. and ran off the road, coming to a rest when striking a wall.

•rear-end accident at a red light on John B. Brooks Rd.


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