An 8-year-old juvenile went missing briefly last week in Arcade before being found by his father and a neighbor.

The juvenile’s mother told Arcade Police that the child had gotten out of the house on Rock Forge Rd. without anyone noticing. The child’s father was unable to locate the child until he and a neighbor walked across the road from the residence and saw the juvenile waking towards them.

The father said the child told him he had seen a deer in the yard next to the woods and went to look for the animal.

Other incidents reported to the Arcade Police were:

•theft by deception on Athens Hwy. where a gas station was missing $430 at the end of the day. A man had been in the store earlier in the day asking for change multiple times for large bills.

•expired tag and expired license during a traffic stop on Terry Farm Rd.

•agency assist where an officer assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and the Georgia State Patrol in the search for two suspects wanted for a crime in Barrow County.

•simple battery on Rock Forge Ln. where a juvenile struck her younger sister during an argument.

•suspicious activity on Melvin Phillips Rd. where a male left his truck in a cul-de-sac and snuck into the basement of his girlfriend’s parents house.

•verbal dispute on Grace Dr. where a woman called her grandmother a “b----.“ The woman became angry after her grandmother washed her clothes with the woman’s clothes.

•verbal dispute on Nathaniel Dr. where a woman who confronted a driver about speeding down a driveway and doing “’doughnuts.”

•identity fraud that does not involve intent on Williamson Street were a complainant said someone attempted to purchase a $1,559 washing machine using their credit card online. The card was denied.


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